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    2500pt Tourney List- tear it to pieces :D

    Hey, just posting an army list i was hoping to run in states, i was planning to go a fluffy army of Tzeentch but when i entered an earlier "warm up tourney" i lost on comp (second lowest despite having several "useless" options to have a theme to my army) so i decided to make my army as broken as possible! Tear this list up!

    Lord SpikyDeath: Chaos Lord, Barbed Steed, Mark of Tzeentch, Chaos Runesword, Talisman of Presevation, favour of the gods, shield, Sporific musk. General.

    Shh'narr: Sorcerer, Level 2, mark of Tzeentch, Disk of Tzeentch, enchanted shield, blood of Tzeentch, talisman of Protection

    Narr'shh: Sorcerer, Level 2, mark of Tzeentch, Disk of Tzeentch, Charmed shield, Infernal puppet, Opal Amulet

    Severin: Exalted Hero, BSB, Helm of many eyes, Collar of Khorne, Great Weapon, Mark of Tzeentch

    Warriors: 15, musician and Standard, Mark of Tzeentch, shields

    Warriors: 15, musician and Standard, Mark of Tzeentch, shields

    Warriors: 15, musician and Standard, Mark of khorne, Halberds, Razor Standard

    Marauders:40, mark of Khorne, Musician and standard

    Lord SpikyDeaths Spiky Death: knights, 8, Mark of Nurgle, Banner of Rage, Standard and Musician

    Total: 2498

    Quick note: I am not running stream on my lord and Third eye on my Blood Sorc as i ran out of points and shaved them off. Now, Go nuts people!

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    Hey dude, read through your list real quik so heres what I think.

    I would really take a sorcerer lord level 4 for extra power on spells and dispells, if this means that you have to drop the lord, do so. you can also drop one lv 2 sorcerer (or maybe both, and keep the lord aswell?)

    You set up your exa hero very defensive, which is fine in all respects, but in this list I would go for a killy exa hero, for instance with the axe of khorne and mark of khorne.

    15 warriors is a small unit. Cause of their low numbers they will run as soon as they get the chance, I would take 2 units of 22/23 if your want to keep this amount of warriors. although mark of tzeench and sword + shield gives it a 5+ ward save which is nice, but it ruins the capability to kill in my opinion. If you want to make them really dangerous, go with halberds and mark of khorne. (3 attacks at S5, nice)

    40 marauders is a perfect sized unit in my opinion, but the mark of khorne is missplaced on a naked unit. Give them great weapons! 2 attacks each on S5! if you place them in a horde unit (10 wide 4 deep) thats 30 S5 attacks if they are all in combat. If you dont want great weapons go with sword + shield and mark of tzeench (5+ ward save) and place them in a unit of 5 wide 8 deep. This will give them the ability to pin enemy units down so you can flank them. Extra ranks give them steadfast which makes them almost impossible to break.

    personally I like marauders as diversion, if you see the chance to drop some more magic items, take another horde of marauders. this will give you some more to play with on the field.

    I like the knights with Mark of nurgle and the banner of rage. I assume you make them 4 wide 2 deep.

    Thats about the things I think about the list.

    Have fun tweeking

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