The other day I saw this orge army list that had a huge truckload unit worth about 2200 points and a couple of minor side units, and apparently it won every battle in its tournament. I got thinking to myself, how could one possibly counter such a horrendous army and so I came up with this lot which comes to spot on 2400 points.

Chaos Lord (mark of tzeentch, talisman of preservation, helm of many eyes, sword of anti heroes) 320

Sorcerer Lord (lore of shadow, favour of the gods, infernal puppet, charmed shield)

Exaulted Hero (mark of tzeentch, BSB, banner of rage, halberd) 184

4 Warshrines 520

63 Chaos Warriors in horde formation (halberds, mark of tzeentch, standard, musician, wailing banner)

The plan is pretty simple

1) buff the unit (and characters at the same time) massively with the warshrines, and using the favour of the gods and wailing banner it should allow for a bit of fixing to be sure of getting good results - rerolling them every turn until one of the shrines produced the 3+wardsave and stubborn result

2) Chomp up every single thing we come into contact with. The chaos lord should prove to be an absolute monster in close combat with enemy heroes (7 s6 asf attacks with rerolls - and thats before we have even considered the warshrines contributions) while the shadow sorcerer can hex enemies to further weaken them and the bsb provides everybody with frenzy and rerolls on the beserker rage test (just in case anybody tries the old runaround trick)

What do you lot think of this army? I reckon it has potential to be quite powerful and they are not actually many super spells that it is particularly vulnerable to - the high initiative keeps them safe from purple sun or curse of da bad moon and the strength or toughness can be raised with warshrines if an enemy turns up with dwellers below. The only thing I can think of being a nusence might be final transmutation, but the lore of metal is a relatively rare one and even if I did lose a third of the unit there are still more then enough to smash that annoying little wizard and whatever bunker he is hiding in to pieces.