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    Make me a 2250pt tournament list

    Would love to see your take on a list with the following restrictions:
    powerscroll + internal puppet banned
    no named characters.
    max 3 identical core choices
    max 2 identical special
    no identical rare choices. (with the exception of spawns (2 spawns count as 1 rare)
    max 2 identical character choices.
    No Units may cost more than 500 points (not including characters joining the unit)

    what would you bring? and why =)
    will likely be close to 100 people in the tournament, so lots of diffrent races to compete against =)

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    I'd probably tell you to start with something like my current 2500pt tournament army HERE (2500pt Tournament List- tear it apart!) that's been going undefeated in my local tournament (just 10 people though, and no Daemons or super-cheese anywhere). Check the post below it to see that I bumped my Marauders to 23 strong, marked the Knights with Khorne, and added a Warshrine with Tzeentch.

    The list has special characters in it- so drop Wulfrik altogether, add a Marauder, and swap Festus for a basic L2 Sorcerer and give the L4 the Lore of Heavens. Otherwise, everything's fair and legal in your tournament.

    You say that the PowerScroll & Infernal Puppet as a combo is banned, or that both of those items are banned individually?

    There's no real "cheese-hammer"ing a WoC army. Our book is written too solidly for that. The only thing that most people whine about is the Book/Puppet/P.Scroll option, but that's nowhere near what other armies can bring to the table. I'd just pick a solid 2250pt list to bring to the table, and go with that. The average Warriors army goes into every game with a 50/50 chance of winning, just because some armies will tear you apart, and some armies have no way to deal with T4 Sv4 troops marching down their throats.
    It all comes down to generalship- just like any army, if you don't understand why the list is good, then you'll probably lose. But this is especially true of Warriors because they're a flexible, mid-ground army book. Some people go with lots of Warriors and it works for them, some people go for lots of Marauders, and that works for them. But they understand their army and every option and upgrade is there because it suits them. When it comes to tournaments, Warriors aren't an insta-win army that can be copy-pasted right from LO to your tabletop and walk away with the gold. You can do that with Daemons, and maybe Dark Elves, but not Warriors. The armies are tuned to a playstyle, and if you aren't playing just like the guy who wrote the list, you're probably not using it properly.

    Take a look around and find the common themes-
    Infernal Puppet vs. Blood of Tzeentch vs. 3rd Eye
    Halberd, Shield, MoK
    Shield and MoT
    Fighting vs. Shooting with a Hellcannon
    Shadows vs. Heavens for a L4, or Slannesh, Nurgle, Tzeentch for your L2s?
    Shadows/Curse of the Leper combo
    MoK or MoN Knights?
    MoN/MoT and the Banner of Rage

    you've been around the forums for a while, I've seen you, and you should be familiar with all or most of these things. You should be able to put together a pretty solid 2250 list that we can all comment on from there.
    Pts Values for AoS here!

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