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    3k list vs high elves

    a very 'work in progress' list, but i'm relatively happy with it - SCs are allowed as its only a friendly game and i can pretty much guarantee i'll see teclis and caradryan (or whatever his name is, the PG character)

    Sorc Lord - lvl4, MoT, talisman of endurance, sword of anti-heroes, infernal puppet, charmed shield - 390
    Sorc Lord - lvl4 (shadows), talisman of preservation, scroll - 340

    Exalted - MoT, BSB, Collar of Khorne, Sword of Swift Slaying - 200

    festus + MoT sorc will join chosen, other sorc and exalted will join warriors, both units running 6 wide, throgg joins the trolls ofc

    18 Warriors - MoT, AHW, Shields, FC, Banner of Rage
    7 Trolls
    5 Marauder Horsemen - MoK, Flails
    horsemen are just a distraction unit to run around the flank and hopefully distract an RBT or two for a turn

    18 Chosen - MoT, AHW, Shields, FC, Favor, Wailing Banner

    will advance asap in a pair for (hopefully) a combined charge on something gribbly

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    Well, seeing as no one else has replied.............

    Do you really need two level 4's? With Festus as well you have a total of 10 Magic levels and 2d6 powerdice. That is ALOT of unused spells and levels. Basically that's ALOT of points invested in something that you wont be using. How about dropping one (Tzeentch) to a Level 2? Or just ditching him entirely for another unit??

    Also, what about taking a Feedback scroll if you're coming against Teclis? Punish him for using lots of Dice. Combined with the Infernal Puppet it should make him twitchy. I'm surprised the 3rd eye of Tzeentch isn't there. If he's using Life then it's nice to steal it. If he's using light then rub your hands with glee because warriors are just broken with the Lore of light.

    Exalted. Why bother with the Sword of swift slaying? So he gets to fight at the same time? not a big deal to be honest. You might as well go for the Helm of Many Eyes and take two hand weapons for an extra attack.

    See if you can grab Stream of Corruption on one of your characters too. The Breath weapon will do a lot of damage to T3 Elves.

    Warriors: You might be better off with halberds to be honest but if they are the models you have then no big deal. Does he take a lot of shooting? if so what about the Blasted standard?

    Horsemen. Dunno about you but I prefer Slaanesh as a Mark for these boys. They get the benefits of being immune to panic but they wont be running after who knows what. It's cheaper too so if you want you could squeeze an extra model in the unit or put it towards something else.
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    Borak has the important bits covered - one thing I will say though, as a high elf player; I'm much more bothered by the hellcannons shooting abilities, then their melee. Most elven units, especially the hitty ones, have no problem stomping (pun intended) over a hellcannon in one turn. On the other hand, template shooting from an otherwise melee - focussed army hurts (a lot).
    The Silver Knights of Tor Adrac (He): 26/2/4
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