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    3000 Point List (strategy help)

    Hey all, Just wondering if anyone has some general or complex strategy insights or ideas that would apply to this 3000 point list which i have put together. Also any sugjestions about the list would be appriciated.

    Sorcerer Lord...440
    -Level 4
    -Disk of Tzeentch
    -Mark of Tzeentch
    -Talisman of Preservation
    -Spell Familiar
    -Charmed Shield
    -Death's Head
    -Conjoined Homunculus
    -Third Eye of Tzeentch

    Exalted Hero...219
    -Mark of Tzeentch
    -Battle Standard Barer
    -Talisman of Endurance
    -Dragon Helm
    -Stream of Corruption

    24 Chaos Warriors...485
    -Mark of Nurgle
    -Banner of Rage

    50 Chaos Marauders...296
    -Mark of Khorne
    -Great Weapons

    5 Chaos Warhounds...xxx

    5 Chaos Warhounds...xxx

    5 Chaos Warhounds...xxx

    30 Chosen Warriors...715
    -Mark of Tzeentch
    -Favor of the Gods
    -Wailing Banner

    5 Chaos Knights...xxx

    5 Chaos Knights...xxx


    Chaos Warshrine...150
    -Mark of Tzeentch

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    Ouch- rough list. Also- remember to drop your individual point costs. Right now I can divide the total for those dogs, by the number of dogs in the unit, and know just how much each one costs. GW won't let that stuff fly if they see it.

    Anyways, if I could comment on the list itself? You have a lot of points tied up in places you don't really need them, and that's causing problems, because while this list would be amazing in a 2500pt game, 3k is going to see a lot of very, very nasty stuff coming down the chutes. For example-
    Ditch Death's Head on your Lord. Is it really worth the points for a one-use-only attack that has to roll to hit and does less damage than this guy would do in combat against the same target?
    Mark of Nurgle for example is 10% for effective against WS3, WS7, and BS-based Shooting attacks, but costs 10pts more than Tzeentch, which is effective against ALL attacks that allow saves, including Warmachines, Magic, and all WSs.
    Your Chosen- firstly, that is a HUGE regiment, in an already "too small" army. I understand that you might be using it for VP denial, but at 3k you're going to be taking a LOT of punishment, and that's just a big target. I'd break it up into two smaller regiments and/or drop the Chosen upgrade. With the points you're spending to make these guys Chosen, you could pick up a Warshrine.

    As for tactics if I had to use this army as-is?

    I'd drop down my Dogs first, putting them all down on the most terrain-choked side of the board, in hopes of baiting my opponent into thinking that I'm deploying there for cover or to choke-point him. Then I'd drop everything else on the opposite side, to hit a small portion of his army with a my entire force. First down would be the Marauders, in the center of the board, and a Hellcannon guarding their flank. Then I'd drop the chosen, to the "inside" of the Marauders (between them and the corner you're deploying in) and then drop my Warriors, and another Hellcannon. Then the Knights either go in the corner you deployed in, if you successfully baited a large portion of his army into the center of the table, or they go in the center of your DZ, if he called your bluff and left his inside flank open or plans on swinging in with the other half of his DZ- so that you can flank him. The Knights won't hold up otherwise.
    I'd run the Disk Lord near my troops, bouncing from regiment to regiment (move a regiment, move the Lord into it, then move the regiment he just left, repeat) until I got across the field, and then I'd jump him behind the enemy and go after Warmachines, lone wizards, and small shooting regiments.
    The Hellcannons don't even bother shooting, but just advance. The one sharing a flank with the Knights will help them out in combat, the other is a tarpit to guard my own flank or attack and break combats with my Warriors.
    Pts Values for AoS here!

    Nippon Armybook: Isuu, Scribd, and free at Google Docs

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