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    2500 pt. tourney list.

    Got a tournament coming up this Sunday. I've been toying around with my lists and came up with this:
    Sorcerer Lord of (not sure what lore to take yet): 370
    - Lvl 4,Talisman of pres, Inf puppet, Ironcurse Icon, Charmed shield, Shrieking blade.

    Festus: xxx

    Exalted Hero of Tzeentch (Bs: 200
    - MoT, Golden Eye of Tzeentch, Third eye of Tzeentch, Book of Secrets, shield.

    Exalted Hero of Tzeentch: 195
    - MoT, Chaos Steed, Halberd, Shield, Collar of Khorne, Helm of many eyes.

    15 Warriors of Khorn (Festus): 345
    - Ehw, FC, Razor Standard.

    15 Warriors of Tzeentch (BSB and Lord): 330
    - Shields, FC, Blasted Standard.

    Marauder Horsemen: 87
    -flails, standard.

    Marauder Horsemen: 87
    -flails, standard.

    Chaos Knights of Tzeentch: 275
    - Mus, Standard, War Banner, MoT

    Ogres: 180
    - GW, Mus, Standard, Chaos armor.

    Hellcannon: xxx

    Total: 2484 pts.


    This is what I came out with. I am completely open to any advice and changes to be made. This is still not finished and far fromdecided upon.

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    no bsb?
    that is very bad for a army that is not immune to physcology

    1st off too many characters for 2500 points and both of your exulted builds are kind of pointless
    for example, why have the golden eye on that guy, if he is in a unit then he only gets a 3+ wardsave if some1 snipes him
    put him on a disc and make him ur bsb, then get rid of the book of secrets and give him the dawn stone

    the 2nd exulted is not needed at all and neither is festus unless your wanting curse of the lepper
    ok ur guys get a 5+ regen and posioned but he is 185 points, for that u can get atleast 10 more warriors as as soon as some1 issues a challange he is dead anyway
    drop them both and take a lvl 2 with 3rd eye and dispel scroll

    drop all upgrades on your knights and give them khorne instead as its a million times more usefull than tzeentch on them

    if you do all that u save urself about 200-300points which you can use to increase your unit sizes or better yet, take 50 marauders with great weapons and khorne

    as for ur sorcerer lord, i wld always take shadows but fire and heavens is also good with death being good against some armies and useless against others
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