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    800-point List for 2v2 Fearless Four Tournament

    Greetings everyone,

    Following up on the great feedback I got for Chukka [my dual-nunchaku wielding exalted, which I'm now building], I'm now looking for advice for an upcoming event.

    Sometime in the next few weeks we will be having a Fearless Four tourney at our local GW. The rules state that at least 50% of your army must be made up of Core Units [with each army comprising of at least 3 blocks of units] up to 800 points. My ally will probably play Dark Elves, and we were thinking of an exalted/marauder-heavy meat grinder while he goes crossbows, war-hydra and magic support. As far as models go; I will borrow 30 of his Marauders and combine it them with my own 72 so we should have enough.

    Alternately, he could split his army into a 10-man crossbow block another with 2-handed corsairs/sorceress[Shadow] and a hydra.

    Thus I will be the shield that slowly backs up before losing all self-control and charging in, while he weakens and exploits openings.

    For my half I was thinking of the following:

    Exalted Hero [General]: 190
    Talisman of Endurance
    [stayin' alive, stayin' alive....oh, oh, oh oh! ]
    [very handy in tourneys]
    [every bit of armor helps]
    Biting Blade
    [for those annoying ethereal units]
    Stream of Corruption [if/when the charge falls short]

    Core: 579
    49 Marauders
    MoK/Musician/Banner/Great Weapons

    50 Marauders
    MoK/Musician/Banner/Great Weapons

    100 models should look pretty awesome on the field, I think.

    5 Hounds

    Total: 799 points.

    Any critique or comments are most welcome. Bear in mind that most armies we will face will field large numbers of troops [ie double Skaven - 180 models!] and limited magic [due to points and shared power dice]. We are both pretty bored with the old 18 warrior/shrine/sorc. combo and are looking for something less predictable.

    Edits based on comments in blue
    Ditching two champs gives me an extra 16 points to play with, plus I can drop one block to 49 for an extra five points. Thus 21 altogether, Stream makes a lot of sense in case a charge fails.

    Last edited by Antithesis; July 24th, 2011 at 10:14. Reason: Based on feedback

    “If you’re in the penalty area and don’t know what to do with the ball, put it in the net and we’ll discuss the options later.” – Bob Paisley

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    The list looks pretty scary. It'd scare the hell out of me at 800pts that's for sure!!

    In regards to your friend, you might have to think carefully of your tactics. You will want to run full tilt towards the enemy and, if he goes for lots of shooting, you'll be blocking his lines of sight and if you're in combat he wont be able to shoot. Make sure both your lists complement each other and wont get in each others ways.

    As for the list. Ditch the Champions on your Marauders and grab some funky things. The Iron Curse icon on your hero can save a few lives or the stream of corruption can do some pain as well. Otherwise all is good.

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    There is no answer to marauders at 800 points except for shooting, Perhaps have your partner run a BSB Ally rules if you're both forces of destruction you start allll the wayyyyy up there on the list can use Generals and Banners
    Last edited by ambientinspiration; July 24th, 2011 at 07:59.

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