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    2500pt Storm of Magic List

    This is my first Storm of Magic list, just looking for anyone's advice. The hellcannon and warshrine must stay, they always serve me well, as does the book exalted. Haven't tried Kholek out yet, but he's there for monster hunting. Open to lore changes for the sorcerers, haven't used SoM chaos specifics yet. Not sure how a pact works, so if i've got it wrong can someone tell me?

    Kholek Suneater - 605

    Sorcerer - 170
    Level 2 - Tzeentch, MoT, Infernal Puppet

    Sorcerer - 145
    Level 2 - Nurgle, MoN, charmed shield

    Exalted Hero - 165
    Enchanted Shield, Book of Secrets (shadow), Third Eye,

    Exalted Hero - 135
    Battle Standard bearer, shield

    15 Chaos Warriors - 288
    AHW, SB, Mu, MoK

    19 Chaos Warriors - 383 (with BSB and 1 other char)
    Halberds, Shields, MoK, FC

    5 Chaos Knights - 258
    Banner of Rage, SB, Mu

    Hellcannon - 205

    Warshrine - 150

    Truthsayer - 245
    Level 3 Upgrade

    Manticore - 210
    (35pts upgrades, open for suggestions)

    14 Horrors of Tzeentch - 168
    (bunker unit for truthsayer, know they cannot join usual units but unsure about pact)

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    Let me help you out:

    I think you're 4 points over 2500pts
    Sadly the truthsayer cannot join units of any kind, so not even pacts.
    And for wizard marks I don't like our marks in storm of magic. If you miscast you'll get 2 miscast (if he survives the first one) and then a brass skull hurled at your mage at the same time (ouch).
    What I do like is a lord with a mark of Tzeentch and a book of secrets. This guy doesn'y need to cast but rather defend a fulcrum with his 2+WS.
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