Each week of the campaign we are allowed to edit our lists by 250pts excluding characters. So far the list I have is.

Sourcerer Lord Shadow, Level 4, Talisman of Preservation, Infernal Puppet 350

Exalted,Mark of Tzeentch Halberd, BSB, Book of Secrets,Collar of Khorne, 3rd Eye 224


30 Mauraders GW, Mark of Khorne, standard, Mus 192

30 Mauraders shields, Mart of Tz, Standard , mus 182

17 Warriors , Stand, Mus., Halberds, Banner of rage 304

15 Warriors, st, Musician, shield, MOT 262

Warshrine MOT

Warshrine MOT

That is currently 1843pts.

I am unsure about the Exalted build and the lack of troops. Do you think I should take two warshrines?

or cut one and get another block of warriors?