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    2400- Slaanesh theme

    Hi Guys im firly new to warrior an was hoping for some help with my list. i am trying to stick to a slaanesh theme. this list is meant to be more fun then competitive.

    Lord 560
    Deamon Prince- Mantle of Chaos, Bloodcurling roar, lvlv 4 , mark of Slaanesh

    Hero 475

    Exsalted hero - Mark of slaanesh, Charmed sheild, sword of strife, steed of slaanesh soporific musk
    Lvl 1 - mark of slaanesh infernal puppet
    Exalted hero - BSB, mark of slaanesh, shield

    Core 616
    10 marauder horsemen musicion mark of slaanesh, flails, throwing spears,
    39 marauders (5x, sheild, FC mark of slaanesh
    35 marauders (10X3.5) flails FC mark of slaanesh

    Special 219
    3 dragon ogres extra hand weapon

    Rare 530
    Giant mark of slaanesh
    giant mark of slaanesh

    the ideas is to hold them with the marauders then smash them with the giants, who hopefully don't fall over an kill twenty marauders again. mean while the Deamon prince and exalted on steed mop up any war machines or small units in the back. as a side not i know the deamon prince gets crushed by shooting but we have very few dwarfs and empire at my club so he migh just do something.

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    Looks pretty good! I'd recommend swapping your BSB's shield for an enchanted shield at the same price, since you aren't using a magic banner or the enchanted shield anywhere else it's really a free upgrade.

    Were you planning on joining the mounted hero to the horsemen? Just out of curiosity.

    You've wisely outfitted the Prince with the Mantle to maximize his survival against shooting, as you say he's very vulnerable so you'll want to get him in combat as quickly as possible. Another thing you can do against cannons if you don't want to charge into combat in a turn but are knee deep in enemy lines, you can park him in the flank or rear of an enemy unit, one inch a way, such that it's very difficult for the cannon to target you. I like that you took him though, in my opinion large targets are too fun to deny yourself just because of shooting, you've got two giants to help draw fire, and you've taken precautions to defend yourself from ranged assaults.

    You don't have an elite unit (warriors/chosen) to deal with enemy death stars, but you do lots of smaller supporting units that can combine with the marauder horde and deal with those threats. Best of luck to you!

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    That's the kind of list that says "lets have some fun and to hell with all else" ... good stuff.

    IMO you could use a bit more protection for the BSB. Even if it's just a magic shield to boost his armor save abit more or perhaps the armor or morrslieb.
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