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    2500pt Tzeentch Campaign Army

    Alright, so I've entered another long-term gaming event at my local LGS. Last time it was a 2500pt tournament, this time it's a 2500pt campaign. The pertinent composition rules are as follows:
    Limit 150pts of 'named' heroes
    Limit 300pts of 'named' lords
    All armies must nominate a model as their 'Faction Leader' (general)
    WoC Faction Leaders must roll on the EotG table at the start of the campaign, rerolling 2's.
    May not change lores between games
    May change units between games at cost

    L4 Sorcerer Lord w/ Talisman of Preservation, Infernal Puppet
    @ 350pts (Lore of Shadows, Faction Leader, +1 Attack, +1 Armor)

    Exalted w/ MoK, Juggernaut, Sword of Battle, Helm of Many Eyes
    @ 225

    Exalted w/ MoK, Juggernaut, Sword of Swift Slaying, Talisman of Protection
    @ 215

    BSB w/ MoT, Shield, Book of Secrets, Dispel Scroll
    @ 200 (Lore of Fire)

    8 Knights w/ MoT, SB, Blasted Standard
    @ 400 (Devastating Charge, Ambushers)

    17 Warriors w/ MoK, Halberds, Shields, SB, Muso
    @ 327
    14 Warriors w/ MoT, Shields, SB, Muso
    @ 262 (+1 Armor)
    15 Warriors w/ MoT, Shields, SB, Muso
    @ 278

    @ xxx


    This army is a bit of a departure from my usual style. The campaign places a heavy focus on Lords and Heroes, because of "Random Encounters" that can be taken if you are not engaged in combat at the end of your map-turn. These encounters pit your heroes against things like "6 waves of 100 Zombies, and a Necromancer" or small contingents of Daemons and the likes. These engagements earn you new upgrades for your characters, as well as earning you experience for the campaign.
    I therefore don't suggest this as a "powerful All-Comers" type army. The two Exalted Juggies are huge point sinks, but when placed alone, they can hold their own against 600 Zombies etc, and when fielded together with the Knights, they become a nightmare for the enemy and enemy characters.
    1500pt Supporting Force
    This army was gained when I captured a second capital. Initially, this will be an allied force marching with my 2500pt list, but after I take another capital, it will be paired with a second 1500pt force to create a 3k unified army. Therefore, this list is not meant to stand alone, and features a lot of support elements you wouldn't normally see in typical list.
    L4 Sorc Lord of Nurgle w/ Talisman of Preservation, Spell Familiar, Favor of the Gods
    @ 340

    Exalted BSB of Khorne w/ Blasted Banner, Halberd, Juggernaut, Stream of Corruption
    @ 264

    18 Warriors w/ Halberds, Shields, MoK
    @ 354
    30 Marauders w/ GW's, MoS
    @ 160
    Warshrine w/ MoT
    @ 150

    This is the 4000pt army that will be marching on the High Elf territory, seeking to tear down their fortress, army, and capital. There is a chance that Daemons will be joining my army for the assault, if he hides within his city walls.

    You can read the report of the entire campaign HERE, including fluff, campaign rules, and battle reports.

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