Hi y'all - been a while since I made a post here, and I'm not getting any joy with my VC list, so here we go...

Sorcerer Lord
+level 4 (Shadows)
+Infernal Puppet
+talisman of Preservation
+Charmed Shield

Festus The Leechlord

Exalted Hero
+Talisman of Endurance
+Sword of Might

18x Chaos Warriors
+Mark of Khorne
+Razor Standard

29x Marauders
+Great Weapons
+Mark of Khorne

10x Horsemen
+Mark of Khorne

5x Knights
+Mark of Khorne
+Blasted Standard


Relatively basic list - Festus and general goes with the Warrior Unit, so they get the Regen save, and more importantly, Poison, which stacks wonderfully with having 4 attacks and armour piercing BSB goes with Marauders.

Lore of Shadow works nicely with Curse of the Leper to pop units in one go if I roll well, could be called cheesy I know, but its not as bad as it could be! Besides, its a tourney

Knights and Horsemen prey on small elite units, and are a nice defence against War Machines.

Hellcannon is a Hellcannon. All it needs to do and be, you already know - S10 and MW(D6) is just a win button as far as I'm concerned!

Thanks for any comments