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    2000 - Vaguely Friendly with manticore just because

    Wow, its been a while since I posted around here. Maybe ill remember my login details this time. Anyway, firstly my justification, such as there is of it, for the Manticore. Which I know isnt the most sensible thing to balance a lord on in 2k, but I bought the model because I like it and havn't painted a monster yet so im going to use it for a bit in normal sized games for mostly a laugh. And not at all because the arm (and mount) fell off my other lord and I cant find them, definately not, honest.

    Oh, usual oppenent will be Skaven or VC's, depending on what mood my mate is in. Probably Skaven though.


    Chaos Lord - Manticore, Mark Of Tzeentch, Sword Of Strife, Crown Of Command - 495pts

    Additional comments - yup, no ward save (I dont count a 6+, it kinda seems like a default when you play fairly heavily Tzeentch marked). Ive used him twice and both times hes actually got somewhere and not been smeared across the field by shooting. So thought id try a bit of a unit slaughterer to slam into a big horde alongside one of the Warrior units. Hence the stubborn hat, dont want him legging it from a unit of clanrats or something undignified.


    Exalted Hero - Halberd, Ironcurse Icon, Mark Of Tzeentch, Battle Standard Bearer, Talisman Of Protection - 169pts

    Chaos Sorceror - Lvl 2, Infernal Puppet - 155


    15 Chaos Warriors - Halberds, Shields, Standard Bearer, Musician, Mark Of Tzeentch - 293 Pts

    15 Chaos Warriors - Shields, Additional Hand Weapons, Standard Bearer, Musician, Mark Of Tzeentch, Banner Of Rage - 328pts

    31 Marauders - Great Weapons, Standard Bearer, Musician, Mark Of Khorne - 228pts

    5 Warhounds - 30


    5 Chaos Knights - Standard Bearer, Musician, Mark Of Tzeentch, Blasted Standard - 300

    Total - 1998pts

    Points Breakdown
    Lords - 495
    Heroes - 324
    Core - 849 since the dogs dont count, but its not an issue, more than the 25% minimum by a long shot.
    Special - 300

    So, any feedback short of "Are you dribblingly insane? dont use the manticore!"?

    After all, dribbling insanity is a gift from the gods around here.

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