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    3000 pts, very competitive

    (general) Lvl4 Chaos sorcerer lord, talisman of preservation, charmed shield, infernal puppet, conjoined homunculus, lore of shadow
    Exalted bsb, armour of morslieb, halberd, MoT
    Exalted, chaos steed, shield, talisman of endurance, biting blade, obsidian trinket, soporific mask, MoT

    27 warriors w/ halberds, shields, FC, MoK, banner of Eternal Flame
    27 warriros w/ shields, FC, MoT, rapturous standard
    50 marauders w/ musician, standard, GWs, MoK
    5 hounds
    5 hounds

    6 trolls
    8 knights w/ Musician, standard, MoT, blasted standard

    hell cannon


    LMK what you all think.

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    Hey dude,

    Characters look fine apart from the Mounted one. The Daemonic mount is pretty much over priced for what he is. I would ditch this in favour of a 'normal' barded steed. The reduced cost and the increased save more than makes out for the loss of str and attack (does the unit need the help anyway?). The other thing I'd consider putting on this hero of yours is some magic resistance. Now I have no Idea what you're going to be up against but some magic resistance is always handy to fend of Lore of metal and other such armour ignoring spells which your knights will no doubt attract. It doesn't have to be big, there are some 15pt Magic Res 1 items out there.

    Not a big deal but why take the shield on the BSB? He surely wont be picked out from his unit by shooting and he can't use the shield in combat. So save the points and use them elsewhere.

    Other than that who is your general going to be?

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    The list looks great! I run my BSB almost the exact same way, except I use the Obsidian Trinket to give my Tzeentch warriors a little bit of magic resistance, they're a tough nut to crack, but magic resistance makes them even tougher. Drop the daemonic mount for a regular steed as said above. Other than that I really like the list, trolls are really fun to use, they can really mess stuff up, especially if they stay near your BSB. Best of luck!

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