So I've had some WoC models for a while now (since the new book came out) and have played little friendly games here and there just to try em out.

One word, awesome.

I'm trying to get a 2k point game going (friendly) against an Orc/Goblin army and have no idea where to begin. My biggest fear is the magic phase and enemy shooty phase (as regrettably WoC doesn't have one).

Budget is tight but I do have Warriors, Marauders, Chaos Knights, Marauder Horsemen, 2x Spawn, 5 Chosen, 10 hounds, Chariot, and Lord on Juggernaut.

I'll have to make some conversion somewhere to make one a Sorcerer I guess but yeah..I've smashed up his army once in a small game but we went with 0 sorcerers just so I could get a feel for the WoC.

Any ideas?