There is an upcomming tournament in my area that will be 2000pts using a variation of the SoM rules.
For army composition we are using the SoM rules for Bound monsters and pacts, but SoM items are not allowed
All the fun rules (cantrips, fulcrums, wild magic, cataclysm spells) will be used, but not necessarily for each game (so there might be a build up, or something)

I have a list in mind that I would want to play, but the problem is that it isn't painted and it's not going to be painted. My wife just had Knee surgery and requires alot of help, as well as the responsibilities of the dog and keeping us fed and clothed fall fully upon myself. Never the less, I plan to attend the tournament for the day and DO have enough models painted for the following army:

Shadow Mage Lord Level 4 w/ Puppet and Distendible Maw

BSB, Mounted on Chaos Steed w/ MoT, Tali o Protection, Crown of Command, halberd

Level 2 Mage w/ MoS, dispel scroll, 3rd eye of tzeench

22 Warriors, MoT, Halberds, Standard, Musician, Banner of Rage

15 Maraurders of Slaneesh w/ Musican and standard

3 Dragon Ogres w/GW

6 Chaos Knights w/ standard, Musican, Warbanner


i have just over 25pts remaining with this list as-is

My SoM units are:

1 eagle
2 units of 5 Chaos Warhounds
1 Great Dragon (Forest dragon model painted Fall colours, going to pass it off as a fire dragon)

I do have a few other models/units available too me, but this stuff is the best of what i have done so far. Everything must be WYSIWYG, 3 colour min and properly based/flocked.

The basic plan is to run the mages in the marauder unit for cover while the warriors move up on one side and all the fast stuff on the knights/dragon/dragon ogres run up another flank. the warriors far flank will be covered by the hell cannon, who will alternate between shooting and moving each turn. the BSB goes with the knights and gives them a big boost in combat res and helps them stick around if they wiff (plus the model is bad-ass, plan to see it in the painting contest). I'd like to run the warriors without a character but am considering getting the collar of khorne on the mage lord and putting him in there for the big nasty spells that might come my way.

Feel free to give advice or criticisms, but remember that not all options are viable. I hate to leave home without my horde of MoK marauders, but I'm just getting the GW's converted at this time. I'm not budging on the Dragon, it is hands down the most impressive model my wife has painted and it hasn't been shown off properly yet. the main concern i have is magic lores taken on the mages, and maybe what i will do with them. Tzeench and death magic hold interet to me for my lord, but i really need miasma present to work that maw (which is his only real protection) Slaneesh can be a bit bunk for magic, but seizures and delusions can change the game in a phase, and his cataclysm spells are very nasty/ cheap.