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    1k list with small bat rep overview

    hey all just played my latest league match at 1k against vampire counts.

    my list was

    chaos sorc
    mark of Tzeentch
    spell familiar
    charmed shield
    biting blade
    opal amulet

    12 warriors
    mark of khorne
    banner of eternal flame

    30 marauders
    full command
    great weapons

    5 hounds

    5 knights

    3 trolls

    his list

    level one lore master vamp with 2+ re rollable save

    3 units of 25 ghouls


    i deployed my knights on the left flank with warriors and marauders in the centre and trolls on the right flank next to a clump of trees my dogs were in next to the marauders. the sorc went in the forest also on the corner of the marauders, solo.

    he deployed one unit of ghouls on the left, middle and right, roughly opposite my warriors marauders and hounds, the vamp in the middle unit and the varghulf inbetween the (my)left and middle block.

    i got baleful and flickering for spells.

    i let him go first, he summoned a unit of 20 zombies in front of my warriors and the rest was un eventufull. he staggered forward full pace with his verghulf hanging just behind his left most block.

    My hounds ran up in front of his right unit of ghouls and my trolls moved up the right flank ready to flank the same unit. my knights inched forward ready to charge the left unit of ghouls. warriors attempted to charge the zombies but came up short and only staggered forward 5 inches, the maruaders moved 5 inches forward to face off against his vamp unit of ghouls and the sorc moved up to be even with their right top corner.

    my magic was disappointing, balefull on his varghulf failed to do any damage due to being near his general and he dispelled flickering.

    his turn the zombies charged the warriors, his right ghouls charged the hounds. his left unit moved towards my knights with the varghulf just behind them.

    he summoned more zombies, 14 i think, and irresistably magic jumped his vamp and unit into my marauders. he got detonation but as he was only in base with 2 of my marauders it was a good swap as he lost 4 ghouls.

    the hounds killed 3 ghouls and lost one in return and held on leadership 6. the zombies got cut down losing 13 while only killing a single warrior in return and took a ton more casulties from crumble. his vamp killed one marauder and the ghouls 3 more, i killed 9 in return and he took 6 casulties from crumble.

    my turn the knights charged the left unit of ghouls and the trolls charged the unit fighting the hounds, my sorc moved up along side the vamps unit to keep an eye on the varghulf. magic did jack all.

    trolls and dogs took a few turns grinding down their unit, trolls taking one wound in the time and unit of hounds dying after second round. warriors finished off the zombies and moved forward. vamps unit killed 4 more marauders and were destroyed from crumble, including the vamp. he started taking losses from no vamp, losing a couple of zombies and a wound on the varghulf.

    the knights killed 6 ghouls and lost 2 in return (2 saves 2 1's go figure) taking more from crumble, the knights spent next 2 turns killing the ghouls.

    his varghulf then killed itself from a crumble check and i spent the rest of game clearing up the remaining enemy units, result massacre.

    all in all it went well, my list came for combat and we certainly had that. at one point i was a little concerned with the numbers, he got up to 110 models to my 56 but as soon as i saw the carnage my units inflicted each round i was confident. his general running into the marauders also helped.

    next round 1200, im all wins so far so will be pouring over the next list for some time.

    anyway not the most detailed of reps but should give an idea of generally what happened.

    i am kicking myself slightly as of this morning i was contemplating a combat exalted and wish i had my sorc did nothing all game and to have a combat hero would of made this victory even faster, but hey ho.

    Last edited by randomspecific; November 13th, 2011 at 09:04.

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