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    1500 blind doubles tourney list

    Just got rumor of a possible blind-doubles tourney coming up soon. it's a Possible tournament as the person who gave us the info didn't mention if it was WHFB or 40k

    anywho, came up with this idea to bring in the even it is fantasy:

    Mage lord of Heavans with Puppet and Obsidian amulet - General

    BSB mounted on steed with Collar of Khorne, Ironcurse Icon

    20 warriors of Tzeench, FC, Blasted standard, Halberds, shields
    5 Hounds
    6 knights of Tzeench with MSN, STD and Warbanner

    small, straitforward list that offers any potential partner 2 very tough hammers.
    The knights have a 1+ armour save vs anything that allows it, with the addition of a 5++ vs war machines, 6++ vs conventional shooting, and a 4++ vs spells.
    The Warriors have 3+ armour vs anything that allows it, 4++ vs shooting and 4++ vs Spells.

    Dogs are flak and the HC is range firepower/monster support, as needed.

    My thoguhts: I'm unsure if I'm over invested into defensive/support items on my options/items, but figured that was probably a safe route to go without knowing what my partner brings to the table. Been having terrific luck with knights lately so I'm pretty sure I want to keep them, and the HC is a must-have. the rest is entirely debatable.

    Your thoughts?

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    I feel like your list would run really well in team games, you have great support magic with heavens and some nice hard hitting units. The hellcannon is like the icing on the cake being able to deal with some things your ally may not be able to.

    I feel like depending on who you team up with could make or break your large, but reasonable investment in defense. Otherwise I like it! I hope it does turn out to be a fantasy doubles tourney, I'd like to hear how it goes.

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    i like it alot, however, i love banner of rage on knights over the warbanner. frenzied knights and horses and youll never need that +1 combat res. all depends on what you want to do with it really. the frenzy can sometimes bit you in the ass of course, but theres not much that they could charge into that would be too big a problem.

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