Just looking for some thoughts on a list I'm using for an escalation league. I have had some success with it so far playing up against a few TC armies. Now I have to face a VC army with the added rule of fog. Line of sight will be limited to a roll of an artillery dice times 3 at the start of the turn. I am not sure what kind of units the VC player will be bring to the field. I am kind of condenser that I will be lacking the ability to take on ethereal creachers with only one sorcerer. The thought of swapping the dragon ogres for knights come to mind, but I want to know what everyone thinks. Sorry for this I have to do it from memory because I don't have the book or my list with me.

Sorcerer of tzeentch level 2 blood of tzeentch

36 marauders khorne flails FC

3 dragon ogres GW

Warshrine of tzeentch

I believe the total come to 746