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    2400 tournament list

    I played my first battle of 1000 points with en newc ommer to WHFB, I liked it to just move forward for some bashing in close combat. Meanwhile I got myself more warriors, marauders, hellcanon and a nice BSB. Normally I play dwarfs, tomb king or orcs and goblins. But I would love to use some bashing and hard close combat army. I hope to get some goods suggestions for mainly a 2400 pts army list that can compete in a tournament prett well. Also suggestions for a 1000 and 1500 pts are good to get to know the army.

    I have the following models.

    These are my models:

    - 1 x daemon prince
    - 1 x lord on dragon
    - 1 x character mounted
    - 1 x army standard bearer mounted
    - 1 x character mounted (*)
    - 1 x sorceror op daemonic steed
    - 1 x sorceror on disc
    - 1 x hero with BSB Tzeentch
    - 1 x hero
    - 1 x hero

    - 25 chaos warriors hw +sh fc
    - 18 chaos warriors of khorne GW fc
    - 21 chaos warriors of Tzeench hlb+sh fc (##)
    - 5 chaos hounds
    - 5 chaos hounds
    - 15 chaos warriors hlb fc (#)
    - 15 chaos warriors hlb fc (#)
    - 49 marauders GW fc
    - 10 horse marauders with flails

    - 8 chaos knights fc
    - 5 chaos knights fc
    - 2 chariots

    - 3 warshrine (conversion)
    - hell canon

    (*) these have a book of scroll and could be used as sorcerers.
    (#) old warriors models, could be used as chosen warriors
    (##) current warriors models, could be used as chosen warriors

    With good advice from noma Last time, I am thinking for a hard core chaos list for tournaments As follows.

    Sorcerer Lord, lvl 4, infernal puppet, talisman of preservation (350)
    Exalted Hero, BSB, MoT, halberd, shield, talisman of endurance (189)

    18x warriors, fc. MoZt, GW (366)
    40x marauders GW, MoK, musician, bnr (242)
    5x chaos hounds (30)
    5x chaos hounds (30)

    21x chosen, fc, MoT, halberd, shields, banner of rage, favor of the gods (530)
    6x chaos knights, bnr, mus, MoK (300)

    1x warshrine (130)
    1x Hellcannon (205)

    I have a few points left for a 2400 list. Are my chaos knights and characters equiped right this way? Some last help would be helpfull.

    Cheers kris

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    Sorry for such a late reply I've been sort of busy...but anyways, glad to hear your having fun in your en devours thus far! The list you have written out right now looks pretty solid for 2400 points!

    with 28 points left over you could grab a charmed shield for your sorcerer lord for extra protection, and maybe a cheap gift for your exalted. There's always the possibility of grabbing a magic standard for your warrior unit, something cheap like lichebone pennant, or rapturous standard.

    And of course you can give your shrine a mark if you wanted to as well...otherwise I don't see any room for improvement for this list.

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    Drop your chosen down to 17 or 18 models. Saves a ton of points and they rarely die to the man as is. With some freed up points your knights will be better serverd as MoN with the rage banner.

    Along with that, warriors are initiative 5, which is one of their HUGE strengths. Forgo the GWs and just give them halberds. You lose 1 str, but you attack first against a lot of enemies now, including monsters which you can kill before they even attack.
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