Well the dust has yet to settle from the previous doubles tournament and I am all ready thinking about a new army.

My likely partner in this endeavour wants to go for a Night Goblin list

Probably as follows:
X1level 3 Shaman
X3 Big Bosses

X3 units of 25 Night Goblins FC and x3 Fanatics
X2 Mangler Squigs

The question is my army, at the moment I am thinking Chaos warriors


X1 Throgg
X5 Trolls

X30 Marauders FC Light Armour and Shield Mark of Tzeentch (for a 5+ ward save in combat)

X27 Marauders + Great Weapons FC with Mark of Khorne

X1 Hellcannon

The idea would be that fanatics and squigs crash into enemy army disrupting it, a mass of goblins and marauders sweeps in while the Trolls and Cannon hits a flank and rolls up the line.


X1 Exalted Hero

X15 Chaos warriors with Mark of Nurgle and Halberds, and Banner of Rage.

X2 Mark of Khorne Spawn

X4 Dragon Ogres with Double Handed Weapons

Here it is a similar plan except the Spawn get added to the first wave of expendable fanatics/squigs while the Chaos Warriors and Dragon Ogres roll up the flank.