Right I've got a 5000 point game coming up so have been trying to hash out a list. I've considered many different sneaky things (unit of 5 chosen champion with book of secrets taking lore of shadow) however I've plumped for my normal 2400 list just expanded to take the options I choose between as well. The game will be against an alliance of lizardmen and deamons. I pretty much know what to expect from my opponents as they will be taking their 2400 point armies with an extra 100 points so I've thrown in a few options to contend with what I'll be facing.*

So the list.*
Sorcerer lord lvl4 dispel scroll, talisman of endurance, enchanted shield, shrieking blade (I'm still undecided on the lore although I'm very much leaning towards shadow I contemplated death though so may take that) 350

Lord on juggernaut khorne, word of agony, sword of anti heroes, talisman of preservation, helm of many eyes 415


Bsb, khorne, shield, bezerker sword (WoC version) stream of corruption. 225

Sorcerer lvl 2 tzeentch, disc third eye, charmed shield, golden eye, deaths head. 235


17 warriors of tzeentch with shields and banner of discipline full command 337

17 warriors of tzeentch with shields and full command 322

24 warriors of nurgle shields banner of rage full command 479

50 marauders khorne great weapons 280


30 chosen full command, halberds, shields, favour, wailing banner, tzeentch 725

10 knights full command blasted standard nurgle 520

4 khorne marked chariots 600


2 warshrines, tzeentch. 300

4 spawn deployed individually 220

Right a few things with the list.*
Firstly I don't own any warhounds, long story but I havn't missed them and don't really need them.*
The chosen are the centre of my army deployed in horde they are there to be scary and frighten my opponents. Hopefully I can get them into a good combat if not they may end up on mop up duty, a tactic that has worked well.*

The deaths head on the disc rider was an afterthought. I'll be facing skirmishing skinks so have built the list to mitigate their effects (most evident in the knights build) however I'd like to plink off the odd unit so a deaths head if it hits will smash at least one unit up reducing their importance. This guy also doesn't want to be anywhere near combat and should be able to avoid it well enough.*

The juggernaut is going in the knights. It means the unit will be 6x6. The lord is built to take on a bloodthirster in a pinch hence the ASF helm. I'm pretty sure it'll have the nullifying weapons upgrade which isn't a great issue and the reason he has an ok but not optimal weapon.*

Other than that it's a fairly standard list usage wise.*

I know I should probably put halberds or extra hand weapons on the nurgle warriors to maximise them but the models aren't built like that and I won't be proxying anything on them.*
The champions in the warrior units are to save characters from challenges plus I have warshrines so they may even get lucky!
Anyway that's some insights into why it's built that way
So any pointers, suggestions etc. would be much welcomed to help me get the best out of this list.*

All c and c welcome