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    CHAOS! Glorious Salvation!

    Exalted Champion - Varakh Fang, the Unstoppable
    Shield, Gaze of the Gods.
    132 Points

    Aspiring Champion - The Kult, Crazed Psychopath
    Two Hand Weapons, Mark of Khorne.
    119 Points

    20 Marauders - The Damned
    Light Armour, Shields, Full Command.
    165 Points

    20 Marauders - The Cursed
    Light Armour, Shields, Full Command.

    5 War Hounds - The Starved
    30 Points

    5 War Hounds - The Hungry
    30 Points

    Chariot - The Kart of Khorne
    Mark of Khorne.
    150 Points

    10 Marauders - The Plagued
    Great Weapons, Marauder Cheiftan.
    90 Points

    10 Marauders - The Doomed
    Flails, Marauder Cheiftan.
    80 Points

    Spawn of Chaos - Spultz
    60 Points

    1001 Points
    74 Models
    4 Dispell Dice

    Fluff - In the Northern Chaos Wastes the Tribe of the Wolf, a Marauder clan lost in the damnable north has one mission - to die gloriously in combat. Unfortunatly, the Clan Master, Varakh Fang is cursed by the Gods, making him stronger, tougher, faster, more skilled and unable to die in combat. He seeks the warrior who would be able to end his life in combat. There is no greater honour.

    His right hand man, Kult has gone crazy, part of the Chaos Wastes affects on him, and he's been driven insane. He too seeks a way to die, but cannot, he seems to be the Immortal Slayer, and for this he is a psychopath. The more he fights to die, the more insane he is, the more insane, the more he fights. He seeks his way out of life by dying against a gloriously strong warrior. He's not found one. (he's crazed, so Mark of Khorne, )

    The Marauders themselves are poorly armed, and the good weapons they have are saved for their elites, the few Chaos Warriors in their ranks. One part of the Tribe has recieved a plague in a battle against a Nurglite warband, and seeks redemption by killing in the name of the Gods (reason for Great Weapons and Flails). The Damned and the Cursed aren't yet crazed, but they're getting there.
    The Kart of Khorne used to be a Chariot of Slaanesh, before Kult jumped on it, slaughtered the crew and took it over for his own use, he's remade it to suit his crazed psychopathic mind (I can't find it in the Big Red Book, but can you use Two Hand Weapons in a Chariot? If not can Character 'dismount' their Chariots).

    Shpultz used to be the Tribe's Sorceress under the guidance of the Slaanesh, unfortunatly she became over powered and mutated into a Chaos Spawn, and now hunts Magic Users in a vengeance. It's conviced itself it has a mind, and that it was twisted by another Magic User.
    The Chaos War Hounds are starved creatures, gnawing on bones, chewing on rotting corpses, for in the Northern Wastes, there's little food to spare for these poor puppies.

    "The streets a flame, the people in flame,
    The Apolapsy Four Ride out again.
    The flame of Hell are freezing over,
    And Heaven is falling out of the sky!
    Is it any wonder that the world is going to burn in a cleansing flame?
    Is it any wonder that the world is coming to a realigious end?"

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    This should be in the Army List subforum.

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    Moved to the right subforum.
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