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    3k Nurgle. Fool.

    Just wondering about a few suggestions of what you would add/delete and how you would use the following units-


    Lord of Chaos-358
    MoN, shield
    Armor of Dargon
    Hellfire Sword


    MoN, Level 2 upgrade
    Dispel Scroll
    Dispel Scroll

    Bray Shaman-166
    braystaff, Level 2 upgrade
    Power Stone
    Dispel Scroll


    16 Chosen Warriors of Nurgle-466
    MoN, Shields, Chosen, Plauge Banner
    Full Command

    20 Maradaurs of Chaos-155
    Light Armor, Shields
    Full Command

    8 Maradaur Horsemen-158
    Throwing Axes, Shields

    5 Warhounds-30

    5 Warhounds-30

    5 Chosen Knights of Nurgle-350
    MoN, Chosen
    Full Command

    Chariot of Chaos-120

    10 Warriors of Chaos-166
    Great Weapon


    3 Minataurs of Nurgle-212
    MoN, Great Weapon, Light Armor
    Bloodkine, Standard Bearer


    3 Dragon Orges-237
    Great Weapons, Light Armor

    As you can see I am aprox. 342 points short of 3000 and was hoping on maybe some ideas of how to fill this gap.

    Unit roles-

    I play against o+g and orges and against the o+g trolls I was thinking...they do nothing, at all, and they just sit there...hrm...Engage them with my lord with the hellfire sword and dargon armor! Thats a killer combo, because I'm already attacking first, destroying they're regeneration, and hopefully whiping out the unit in about 1-2 combat rounds. Thats without them attacking me back!

    The sorcerer of nurgle is mainly there to just throw in a few extra suprises and dispel the crap out of everything. The samething goes for the bray-shaman.

    The warhounds would be used as screens, guarding the bigger infantry regiments that would be deployed in the center. The orges, minataurs, smaller warrior regiment, chariot, knights, and horsemen would all be used as flankers (alot of them. But I should win the flanks with all this stuff there). The shaman would support the maradaurs with what he could, and the sorcerer would do the same to the warriors. The lord would be looking for some trolls to Mutalate and attack lone characters.

    Any ideas?

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    150 (x8)

    Not to be negative, but my 2000 pts nurgle ist as twice as many models.

    I think you might want to reconsider the lord, he will do well on offence, but has a very poor defence

    Here's what I'd use:

    Chaos Lord 326 pts
    Armour Of Damnation
    Gaze Of The Gods

    For the Chosen warriors, they don't need the plague banner, they are better off with a unit size of 18-20, the fear will autobreak anything.

    The Chosen knight of nurgle are mostly pointless, the US 10 won't be enough to auto break most infatry units.

    Push your marauder block to 25, they need to keep up the 3 CCR points for ranks as long as possible, and they are hard to panic this way

    You could split the marauder horsemen in 2 units of 5, they will be more flexible and will help hold up flanks for a good part of the game, or speed up ahead to get lone mages or warmachines.

    Here's 2 tricks with chaos lists to save a considerable amount of points:

    Avoid Unit champions
    they are expensive and can count up for 100- 2000 pts in the army this is full unit's worth of marauders.

    Avoid too many marked units
    some units such as minautors, chosen knights don't need the mark, as they become a dramatic point sink and are prone to more missile fire.

    with your spare points, 2 units of 15 marauders with flail would make a nice addition to the list, and another unit of warhounds to screen your expensive units.
    Best Regards,

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