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    Archaon Horde's 2K

    Hello All,

    I'm still new to WHFB and would like to help with my newly developed Archaon's Horde 2k list. It is supposed to be a well-rounded list. Any advice is appreciated.

    Exalted Champ (general / joins warriors) 140pts
    -Gaze of the Gods
    -Enchanted Shield

    Exalted Champ (joins Chosen Knights) 118pts
    -Chaos Steed

    Sorcerer 160pts
    -2nd level
    -Spell Familiar
    -Dispell Scroll

    Warriors x20 300pts
    -FC (free)

    Warriors x20 300pts
    -FC (free)

    Marauders x30 180pts
    -FC (free)

    Marauders x25 150pts
    -FC (free)

    Warhounds x20 120pts


    Chosen Knights x5 300pts
    -War Banner

    Flayerkin x8 112pts

    Chaos Spawn x2 120pts


    Now I know two remarks many of you will have. They concern the 2nd level Sorcerer and Spawns. First, I've had very good with this type of Sorcerer with a spell familiar because I have a variety of spells to choose from for various situations I may be in. Further, the extra power and dispell help out greatly. Second the Spawns, for what I've experienced, are excellent at holding the flanks and supporting my Knights. Plus being Unbreakable and causing fear is excellent. If the enemy isn't shooting at my warhounds they usually aim for them. I would much rather have this than them shooting my precious knights.

    Now I have never used Flayerkin before. Would I get much better use out of adding two Marks of Khrone on my warriors or making one of them Chosen, than using them?

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