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    [1500pt] Nurgle, needs help

    i have trying out different armies and i felt like trying nurgle , help is always appreciated.
    ill be fighting skaven

    1 exalted champion of Nurgle w/ mark of Nurgle, chaos steed, shield, and soul cleaver
    1 aspiring champion of Nurgle w/ mark of Nurgle, shield, and filth mace
    14 warriors w/ Mark of Nurgle, SB, and shields( aspiring champ goes here)
    4 chosen knights of Nurgle w/ Mark of Nurgle, SB, and Plaguebanner
    5 knights of Nurgle w/ mark fo Nurgle, champ, and SB
    2 units of 10 plaguebearers

    Total: 46 models 1497 pts

    i like using the word Nurgle (lol)

    Beer, Pipes, and Guns... Dwarves had the right idea.

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    150 (x8)

    You'll want big units of warriors of decay Vs skaven, use that autobreaking fear to a maximum effect.

    I would not use all those knights Vs skaven, too many jezzails, ratling guns and warpfire throwers, and you also have nothing to portect your cavalry from warp lightning.
    Best Regards,

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    IMO, I have found that take a fast hard hitting army is the way to go vs. Skaven. Skaven with their 10" charge can be devastating along with all their firepower, so booking up with the field is the best strategy. It is also very important to have screens for all of your fast/hard/expensive units, so I usually take 20 warhounds to do this. With this type of army you can get to his shooting units in turn two and eliminate his ability to stand and shoot. Further I like to deploy all my fast moving units to one side (make sure to be tricking when doing this as to not let you strategy be know). Usually your opponent will spread out his shooting units in order hit anything on the board. By stacking to one side your fast units will only have to deal with (usually) two units of guns. Once you have engaged the enemy, plow from on side of the board to the other, while making flank charges and you stand a very good chance of winning.

    Below are some units I ALWAYS include in a list vs. Skaven:
    Mounted Exalted
    5 Chosen Knights w/warbanner
    5 Marauder Horsemen w/throwing axes
    Chariot (now I know many of you do not like these, but I almost alway getting a great flank charge with it)
    20 warhounds
    2 Spawns w/MoS (for speed and fear)
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