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    Chaos [2000], Friendly

    Okay, where am I going wrong! Everytime I play this list, what seems to me as a well balanced list I keeps getting beat. Then again I do play alot of powergamers and they keep telling me that the mortal list is one of the worst lists available to play and that I should just max out on Chaos knights and forget my marauders. Anyway, here is my list.

    Chaos Exalted Sorcerer (Fire)
    PS, DS, Lv4

    Sorcerer (Shadow)
    Lv 2
    Spell Familliar

    Exalted Champion
    GW, Chariot, AoD

    GW, CA

    12 Chaos Warrriors
    extra hand weapons
    Full Command

    20 Marauders
    Full Command

    6 Marauder Horsemen
    Full Command

    5 Chosen Knights
    War Banner

    Beast Herd (8 Gors, 12 Ungors)
    extra handweapons

    3 Chaos Ogres
    GW, HA

    6 Chaos Furies

    1 Ogre Maneater
    GW, HA

    Alternatively I drop the beastmen, wargor and Exalted Sorcerer and the take a Daemon Prince + Blade of Ether, Master of Mortals, Lv 3 (Fire) and upgrade his Daemonic save to a Ward Save, with the points I have left I use on hounds.

    Please tell me where I am going wrong, cheers

    Last edited by Original_Insanity; November 28th, 2005 at 16:59.

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