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    2000 Points Hordes of Chaos (Friendly)

    Chaos Lord of Slaanesh 347
    General; Mark of Slaanesh; Chaos Armor; Shield; Chaos Steed; Blade of Blood; Gaze of the Gods; Pendant of Slaanesh

    Exalted Champion of Slaanesh 188
    Mark of Slaanesh; Chaos Armor; Shield; Chaos Steed; Great Fang

    Chaos Sorcerer of Slaanesh 206
    Mark of Slaanesh; Level 2 Upgrade; Hand Weapon; Chaos Armor; Chaos Steed; Staff of Sorcery

    12xChosen Chaos Warriors of Slaanesh 327
    Mark of Slaanesh; Full Command; Hand Weapon; Chaos Armor; Shield; War Banner

    5xChosen Chaos Knights of Slaanesh 335
    Mark of Slaanesh; Standard Bearer; Champion; Hand Weapon; Chaos Armor; Shield; Rapturous Standard

    17xChaos Marauders 156
    Standard Bearer; Champion; Great Weapon; Light Armor

    12xChaos Warriors of Slaanesh 230 Pts
    Mark of Slaanesh; Full Command; Hand Weapon; Heavy Armor; Shield

    14xDaemonettes 210

    Total Points-1999

    Okay, this is my 2k list. I know that I spent way too much on my Heroes, and the Chosen, but I like it that way. All I play is Vampire Counts anyway, so the ability to survive and kill them, for combat res, is priceless. There is also no powerful shooting to worry me. The lord is there to challenge the vampire count. My main foe loves his characters. The knights get flanks. The marauders wipe out the skelies on the charge on one flank, or provide a solid charge receiver. The chosen warriors fight in the center. The regular warriors fight in the center. The deamonettes will go up the other flank. The lord goes hunting for the opposing vampire. The champion goes with the knights. The sorcerer is there to stay alive, dispel his magic, and hope to get the odd spell off.

    Thanks for the help I know is coming.

    Edit: Ok, I changed the deamonettes, and the wargear, but there is almost no way I'm giving up my Chosen. After switching from 40k a low armour save, and extra attack, are just too nice. Also, it reduces the amount of $ I need to spend. Any other help is more than welcome, but it is my army. lol

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    I don't really think the Talisman of Protection is worth having. It will only help this guy 1/3 games, maybe more because of his Blade.
    However, I'd suggest dropping the tali and swapping his sword with the general's. Pendant of Slaanesh works really well with blade of blood, making him hard to kill and giving him fistfuls of attacks.

    I'd probably turn the Sorcerer into a scroll caddy. Most aries will have too much magic defense for any solo wizard to overcome. Thus, he'd be best off contributing to your magic defense.

    Chosen isn't a great idea in 2000 points. It really cuts back on your army size. This is clear by the size of the chosen unit, which is only 12 strong. Chaos warriors should really field in at least 15, more survivors make it to battle and you get better fighting frontage.

    Knights need to lose chosen too. Nows a good time to mention buying musicians. They're really worth having, since they help rally tests and break (or make) ties in combat. Buy em.

    The daemonettes are an odd-sized unit. Round them off to fifteen if you have the points after dropping chosen.

    That's all I got for ya.

    EDIT: I just read your bottom paragraph. I still think chosen needs to go and the unit sizes go up, but overall the situation does change slightly. Music won't make as much of a difference now, but might still be worth having on at least the infantry. But immunity to fear gives you a huge and clear-cut advantage in this match-off.
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