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    2,000Pt Khorne Army

    Hey all thanks for reading. I retired back when the chaos book read " Realm of Chaos " so was a while ago. Back into these days and i thought id ask for some advice and a few questions. Here it goes.

    Blood Thirster - 650
    Axe of khorne
    Armour of khorne
    might of khorne

    Sorcerer of chaos - 145
    upgrade lvl 2 -35
    Dispell scroll- 25

    Ex Champion of chaos ( riding with chaos knights) -242
    Additional hand weapon -4
    Mark of khorne-35
    Crown of everlasting conquest-50
    steed & Barding - 16

    5 Chaos knights - 295
    Standard bearer- 20
    Mark of Chosen
    Banner of Rage-50

    5 Chaos Knights 185

    1 Chaos chariot -185

    12 Chaos warriors- 180
    shield and hand weapon

    12 Chaos warriors- 180
    shield and hand weapon

    TOTAL 1997

    Few questions .. is there anyway possible i can play with dragon ogres back in the day i plaied with 2 reg's of 4 dragon ogres.. i loved em to death. Im not a big fan of hounds they got trashed when i used to play even though i can use them as throw away units. Maurd's ehh... few points more i get heavy armour? So just a few hints would be nice.

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    First things first you cannot have a bloodthirster leading a mortal army, drop him like a hot rock!!!!!!
    Use the points to upgrade the exalted champion to a chaos lord as he will provide the same leadership to your army and will not attract firepower like a magnet.
    As for the knights I would consider taking a single large unit of 8-10 knights with full command and give them the mark of Khorne instead of upgrading them to chosen (It is still 35pts regardless of how many are in the unit and each knight still has 2 attacks.).
    Increase the chaos warrior units to 16+ minimum as this will make them much more resilient.

    A second chariot is also usefull, two chariots hitting the same unit is normally enough to break most opponants, dont worry about the MOK on them to be honest, for the points two extra attacks really is not worth it use them to buy........... Chaos hounds.
    Chaos hounds are your best friends, the sooner you realise this the better!!!!
    Use them as throw away units as you said especially to shield your more expensive units from enemy firepower. At 6pts each I have 3 units of 6 in my army where they are a god send against shooty Dwarf and Empire armies. Furies and marauder horsemen are also usefull additions for taking out warmachine crews and stopping march moves.

    As for the dragon ogres you can still use them in your army. Though they are expensive points wise and take up a rare slot each they are as hard as nails, especially with great weapons and light armour (S7 attacks and a 3+ armour save......nice :shifty: ). If you were in a mood to you could take these instead of Chaos Knights and buy some more chaos warriors and marauders.

    Despite your oppinion marauders are actually worth their points despite only having a 4+ save in combat they are cheaper than warriors and can hold thier own against almost any other core unit in the game. Besides the main reason people don't like them anyway is because chaos warriors are easier to paint. :rolleyes:
    Marauder units work especially well in units of about 20-25+ with full command giving them full ranks, standard and they will more often than not outnumber their opponants, especially by the end of the close combat phase. Throw in the odd exalted champion on foot and most fights will usually swing their way.

    Hope this helps .
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    Basically life sucks, there is only war and you're probably gonna get eaten by Tyranids, have fun.


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