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    Junior Member lankycheese's Avatar
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    2000 Points Undivided Chaos - Friendly

    I've been tweaking this list on and off to try and get it to a decent state. Basically I love the idea of Chaos warriors, but I'm also trying to get some decent numbers into the army aswell but we'll see how it goes:

    Chaos Lord:
    Helm of Many Eyes, Mark of Undivided, Demonic Mount, Great Weapon.
    291 Points

    Exalted Champion:
    Mark of Tzeentch, Great Weapon, Dispell Scroll.
    199 Points

    Chaos Sorcerer:
    Mark of Slaanesh, Level 2, Dispell Scroll.
    165 Points

    15 Warriors of Chaos.
    Shields, Full Command, Mark of Tzeentch.
    275 Points

    12 Warriors of Chaos.
    Halberds, Full Command, Mark of Slaanesh.
    242 Points

    5 Chosen Knights of Chaos.
    Full Command, Mark of Undivided.
    275 Points

    5 Marauder Horsemen.
    Flails, Musician.
    81 Points

    Chariot of Chaos.
    Mark of Tzeentch.
    140 Points

    Beast Herd.
    8 Gors, 9 Ungors.
    Foe Render, Musician.
    117 Points

    Beast Herd
    7 Gors, 7 Ungors.
    82 Points

    4 Screamers of Tzeentch.
    132 Points

    Total: 1999 Points.

    Basically looking for a decent army that will fair well against most opponents. Combining the Slaanesh Lore with some Tzeentch dice generation for some decent magic. I'm having second thoughts on having only 12 Warriors in the 2nd unit, I may drop the chariot to bolster it up and get the 2nd Beast Herd to 8 gors 9 ungors, or maybe put in one of the Khorne Spawns of Chaos.

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    I AM the Evil Twin! Jared van Kell's Avatar
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    To be honest I would keep the chariot and drop one of the beast herds. Bulk out the second warrior unit to 16. Give this unit the war banner just to give it a little extra in combat. Don't worry about the spawn unless you really have set your heart one getting one and if you do I would recommend the MON for it as the poisoned attacks go a long way.
    From what I can see here you have opted for a hammer and anvil style of play with the warriors holding the centre and the lord, knights and chariot smashing the enemy from the side. The marauders and the screamers hunting down warmachines and skirmishers.
    All in all not a bad list to be honest, not a bad list at all.
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    I like the list actually. Seems very well rounded. Toying with a mix of Slaanesh and Tzeentch has always been something I've wanted to do, but then Slaanesh gets mad at me and threatens me with horrible things.

    So anyway, tidbit of advice 'bout the list:

    -Your general is somewhat vulnerable. Being on that daemonic steed makes him a very open target. A 4+ armor save, and no ward save mean that he can very easily be killed by stray missile fire. I would invest in some more protection for him. It may actually be better to put him simply on a chaos steed. You only lose 1 point of movement, but you can hide near your knights and avoid missile fire.

    -The halberdiers should go with a frontage of 5 ideally, as you are more concerned with attacks than ranks. I'd drop them down to 10, and get rid of the standard. It's all too easy for small warrior units to break.

    -If you have points to spare, give your knights the War Banner. I've really come to depend on this for them. 25 points for 1 automatic point of combat res. This greatly beats 20 points for an extra attack, (the champion). I would swap the champ for the warbanner.

    Rest of the list looks good, though I've got a few tips for chaos players in general. We have 2 huge advantages over all over armies: Core fast cav, and core chariots. DE are the only other army that get core fast cav, and tomb kings are the only ones who get core chariots. Try to use this to your advantage.
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