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    3000 Point Slaanesh Friendly

    I have had an idea for a totally mounted army. I have visions of LOTR when the hordes of Rohan charged down the slopes into the massed orcs.

    It would also look great on the battlefield.

    Anyway, advice really needed as it is my first foray into Fantasy, but please bear in mind my desire for a mounted army.

    LORD: Lord of Chaos, mark of Slaanesh, Dragon of Chaos, 100 points of magic items

    HEROS: Exalted Demon, mark of Slaanesh, 50 points of daemonic gifts

    CORE: 8 Chosen Knights of Chaos, mark of Slaanesh, standard bearer, champion

    5 Kinghts of Choas, mark of Slaanesh, standard bearer (repeated 5 times)

    6 Marauder Horsemen, throwing axes, shields, chieftan (repeated 3 times)

    10 Warhounds of Chaos (repeated 3 times)

    Total Number of Points 2998

    Tactics are simple. Marauder horsemen use throwing axes as ranged weapons then peel off to screen the flanks. Then the Warhounds hit the opponents line followed quickly by the armoured charge of 33 Chaos Knights. The Lord of Chaos initially picks off dangerous ranged weapon units whilst the Exalted Demon provides support for the Choas Knights to bolster a weak point or to press home an advantage.

    It isn't pretty, but I think it could be quite effective.

    I don't know what magic items or daemonic gifts to use, I'm not that clued up yet.

    Thanks for any and all thoughts.

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    I would drop the daemon and go for two mounted sorcerers of Slaanesh. At 3000pts your opponant can afford some serious magic ability. The chaos dragon is an either/or addition to the army. He will either do really well or he will get absolutely annihalted. Give your general a ward save of some sort as there is going to be a lot coming his way.
    Basically life sucks, there is only war and you're probably gonna get eaten by Tyranids, have fun.


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