I admit i haven't played warhammer for awhile but as my gaming group might take it up again with the release of the new version. i'm looking for an army. I'd like to take a small force to start with to cut down on painting time This is what i was thinking of taking, what do you think?

2500 pt Tzeentch daemon legion

exhalted daemon @ 350 pts (x2 @ 700 pts)
spell breaker, diabolic splendour, mark of tzeentch

horrors @ 360 pts (x3 @ 1080 pts)
x 16, full command inc. lvl sorc, 2 x flamers

flamers @ 150 pts (x2 @ 300 pts)
x 6

changebringers @ 210 pts (x2 @ 420 pts)
x 3

So the horrors are my battle line, with the skirmishing flamers protecting the flanks. The 2 exhalted daemons and the changebringers can either support the horror flanks or fly over and jump on missile units. Since the horror abilities count as spell casting i think i will still be effective in that phase.