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    1000 pts Mortal Tzeentch (first one)

    Aspiring Chaos Champion - 177 Pts
    Mark of Tzeentch; General; Lore of Tzeentch; Chaos Armour; Shield
    1xDispel Scroll

    Aspiring Chaos Champion - 179 Pts
    Mark of Tzeentch; Lore of Tzeentch; Great Weapon; Chaos Armour
    1x Dispel Scroll

    12x Chaos Warriors of Tzeentch - 218 Pts
    Mark of Tzeentch; Heavy Armour; Shield; Standard; Musician

    16x Marauders - 112 Pts
    Flail; Light Armour

    5x Marauder Horsemen - 83 Pts
    Standard; Musician

    5x Chaos Warhounds - 30 Pts

    5x Chaos Warhounds - 30 Pts

    5x Screamers of Tzeentch - 165 Pts

    Total Army Cost: 994

    My first list, just a plan for what to use for my first Warhammer army. Suggestions welcome

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    Well, I think that's a pretty cool list (for 1K anyway). My only concerns are that perhaps your two (very expensive) champions don't seem to have much survivability. WIth only 2 wounds and no magic armour/ward saves... I assume you hide them both in units, but if I were your opponent I would challenge them in a second, and quite possibly win. Expecially since they would be backed up by smallish units without that much static CR.

    Also, did I see 5 screamers? They are definately cool, but I might suggest using one or two less in a 1K game, allowing you to maybe give your characters some more gear, or bulk up those units of infantry. Especially conidering that as of next month's new rules, units will have to be 5 wide to get rank bonus.

    Anyway, sorry to critisize, but nice list otherwise.

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    I think Jordan's points are good ones.

    Your infantry blocks need multiples of 5 (probably 20 and 15), and both should have full command (standard, musician, champion), so if you don't want something challenging your expensive character, you have a cheap back-up fighter. 1 asp. champion should be replaced with a sorcerer, who will be your scroll bearer. The other asp. champion gets some fighting magic items.

    No standard for small units of fast cav, they are designed to flee from charges or flank things. If they flee from a combat due to lack of numbers and ranks, they will leave their banner behind, awarding VP.

    Drop a few screamers and 1 unit of hounds. In 1000, you might consider replacing the screamers with furies, just to save a few points. Use the extra on your command and magic items.
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