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    1.5K / 2K Chaos Undivided

    I tried to make a 1.5K list with undivided that i could add onto to make a 2K list. I dont use Marauders, ever... just dont like them, but i think i have a decent list.
    What im looking for is whether this list will work and if there is any blatant holes or weaknesses that would kill my game. Oh and if anything seems too much, dont want to be cheese player.

    Exaulted Champ - Gaze, crimson armor of dargan
    17 warriors - shield, full command (General in unit) 6x3

    Sorc (fire) - Lvl 2, Dispel scroll, spell familiar, steed
    18 Warrior - shield, full command 6x3

    4 ogres - heavy armor, shield
    5 screamers

    1 chariot
    1 spawn
    2x 6 warhound (screens for warriors)

    Champ becomes lord - Gaze, sword of battle, armor of damnation, attached to same warrior unit
    add a 2nd sorc (lvl 2), mount, power familiar
    aspiring champ w/ banner of gods in 2nd warrior group
    minus 1 ogre, everything else is the same

    Any input would be appreciated as i feel im missing something.

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    Hey dude, just a few thoughts:
    I know many disagree, but I'm with you on the maurauders. Not that they are bad, I just hate painting fleshy humans, when I could have shiny armour! However, you may want to concider a beast herd as a substitute cheap unit. I think herds are where it's at! 360 deg. line of sight, + (-1) to be shot at + cheap = good. It also means you can take Bray Shaman(s) and hide them in there. I think Bray Shamans are really sweet in mortal lists, as they are cheaper than sorcerers (especially at lord level). As for the hero level ones, they have the cool bonus of an extra attack (compared to most hero level magic users) and when equipped with a braystaff, that adds 2 S5 attacks to your herd!

    On the topic of magic users, I personally think you should either put in another one, or drop a level and the familiar, in exchange for another dispel scroll. I honestly think a single lv2 in 1.5K is highly unlikely to get any spells through, unless the other guy has literally NO magic defence besides his base 2 DD.

    That spawn should really be Slanesh-ified, for speed.

    In a list with no cavalry (except ogres, kinda), do you really want a single chariot? seems a bit out of place...

    Anyway, that's all I have to say

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