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    noob needs help with first army

    Good morning and sorry to bother you all. I have a friend that has a tomb king army and i decided I wanted to build my own army and right now am looking at building a chaos army. at first was looking at chaos dwarf but is extremely hard to find the pieces to make up the army. Also being my first army I though I would ask the experts. So here we go. Can you have multiple allegiances?? like khorne, tzeentch, slaanesh? So far i have not picked up any pieces, will be doing that shortly. I am would like to get galrauch, looking at atleast 5 chaos knights, some daemonettes ( some mounted), army standard bearer, maybe a mounted lord of tzeentch, chaos warriors, sorcerors\mounted sorcerers. I have even thought about mounting galrauch with a lord of tzeentch or slaanesh. Or mounting them on a dragon/steed or something. does the chaos army still use dragon ogres? or centaurs? I am not sure about a point scale yet.. I believe he has atleast a 2k army. any help on this will be greatly appreciated. Also would this be a good first army for me?? or would another race\type of army be better?? Thanks in advance for all the help. Again I am looking to setup a powerful nice looking army. Also I was thinking about either getting bel'akor or archaon as well.

    PS. My friends tomb kings army tends to like to use arrows.. even "asp arrows?

    I was looking at using lord of tzeentch riding galrauch, staff of change, golden eye of tzeentch as part of my 2000point system? what else do i need to be able to have an army that is decent against arrows\magic but also semi decent h2h?

    Thanks again

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