Hello. Last Saturady the WarHammer Fantasy campaign was supposed to start. Yet for some reason only 1 other Fantasy player showed up and it was their first time coming here. So, I dont know what happend. I heard them talking last week about being in something else and missing some days.

Yet I got to watch part of the 40k Campaign. The prizes are real. Im not letting this slip by. Also Ive read about other fantasy campaigns and something struck my mind.

I do have to build a lord for next week, a legal one for a 500 point game. Yet what if this Lord has to be one that I use the entire campaign? So now Im taking some long term thoughts.

I want to play Tzeentch and every Tzeentch lord I build is a lot of points. Now I want to make some nice lords that will work in this campaign. The lord I always make is a Lord of Chaos given the Mark of Tzeentch, Staff of Change and Armor of Damnation and a shield. Off the top of my head I think it is 448 points. Leaving room for a few Marauders. 1. is that a good lord? I thought for 2k games Id take a lord on foot and a champ. Coming to around 630-700 points on a lord. Is that to much for 2k? Is it worth loseing this 500 point battle to have the lord I would want for bigger battles to come?

Not sure if this campaign advice and lord building should go in army lists or general.

Also, do you have any other tips for how to do a good campaign? Not sure how the rules are, like if there are official rules were using or what not.