3000 pt. Tzeentch - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    3000 pt. Tzeentch

    *poof* teleported to the correct forum.
    Please don't post points/model, this violates GW copyright.

    I'm going to start running this list as soon as the marauders I've just purchased come in through mail.

    Lord of Chaos, MoT, Chaos Dragon, Shield, Chaos Runesword, Golden Eye of Tzeentch 813

    Aspiring Champion, MoT, Barded Chaos Steed, B.S.B., 2 Scrolls 216
    *(Joins unit of 23 marauders)

    15x Warriors of Chaos, Chosen, Additional Hand Weapons, M, S,- War Banner, MoT 414

    25x Marauders of Chaos, Shields, Light Armour, S, M, C 200

    23x Marauders of Chaos, Shields, Light Armour, S, M, C 193

    5x Marauder Horsemen, Shields, Spears, S, M, C 110

    1x Chariot of Chaos, MoT 140

    10x Chaos Furies

    5x Screamers of Tzeentch

    Beast Herd , S, M, C
    (12x Gors - 2 Hand Weapons) 159
    ( 8x Ungors - Shields)

    1x Spawn of Chaos, FoT, 75

    Mengil Manhide's Manflayers, 4 Additional Manflayers 363

    Total Points: 2998
    PD: 10
    DD: 5

    This army is an experimental list, though I think if played right, it could be very effective and devestating. I'm mostly looking for comments on this list, though I'll take suggestions too. If you don't know the rules to the manflayers, it's on the gw site. The site is : http://us.games-workshop.com/games/w...rs/default.htm

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    off the top of my head I would say you need a hero or two more, or else you will end up with unused powerdice (of which I think you need more of).
    Other then that it looks pretty solid, even tough I am no fan of the manflayer. too expensive...
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    I'd say reduce the Chosen Warriors down to 12 (and field them 6 wide for extra attacks). They won't win through static combat result anyways and any decent opponent would try (and usually success) to get at least one of the 15-group down to reduce the rank bonus. for the saved points, get them some shields (for a better shooting protection and versatility in CC)

    Or try to squeeze some more points to get a second spawn. A single one doesn't do any good in my experience, the moving distance is too random for that and gets shot down too easy (of course you have some more juicier targets in your list to aim at, but still)
    And the usefulness of the upgrade to Firewyrm is strongly depending on your opponent (for example against Dwarves ist's nearly useless and hardly brings back the points spent)
    But I'm a bit of a spawn maniac :w00t: so in this regard my perception is a bit off {goofy} (in 3000 point battles I usually field 4 spawns )

    And cebwj's comment of taking more characters is quite valid. Whilst I don't think that you gonna have unused power dice at the end of a magic phase you have astonishingly few of them (same goes for dispel dice, come to think of it)
    At least get a Sorcerer (or a Shaman - he's even cheaper) to carry the dispel scrolls so that your BSB can equip some nastier stuff :shifty: ; for example Sword of Might and either Armor of Damnation or the Gaze of the Gods will make him into a sturdy killing machine

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    Koosh for the KooshLord kooshlord's Avatar
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    I think a staff of change might serve you better than a chaos runesword, it'd be awfully painful to miscast critically with your dragon-lord. 10PD, 5 DD, and 2 dispel scrolls doesn't strike me as all that impressive for 3K. I'd consider that about medium magic offense and light magic defense.

    I also think you should cut the sizes of your flying daemons a bit and add more units of marauder horsemen. Horsemen should not take standards, they are for running from charges and flanking engaged units. If they run, they drop the standard. If they flank, there should already be a standard in your infantry unit.

    The manflayers eat a LOT of point for a small skirmishing unit. I think they are likely to get themselves charged and killed by something nasty. Skirmishers can be marchblocked in 7th edition, so watch out. and in 3K, there are not likely to be that many good spots in the enemy deployment zone in which to deploy, so their scouting ability may not serve you well.

    A unit of knights to support the dragon could be very helpful. In fact, you might consider replacing the warriors with a few units of knights... They'd be faster and more resiliant to attacks that allow armor saves.

    Hope it helps

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