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    [1000] Undivided (first list)

    Thanks JackalLegion, Brother Maynard and Coenono for the tips and help in my last thread . I had first thought to write this in the same thread but decided this was the right place for a army list.

    I'm not really sure where to put the heroes, I think it would be cool to have the champion by himself (preferable on a steed) and then the sorcerer in the marauder squad (taking away a marauder for better ranks). [While writing this I remembered that this would make use of all 1k points and decided to write it in].

    The warhounds and banner was added in the end when I was thinking on what to do with the rest of the points, the warhounds came easy cause of the tips about them the banner I'm not as sure about, maybe should try to free 15p and take a small squad of furies? People do seem to like them and flyers seems nice.

    In 40k an army like this would be shoot to death before having much chance of hurting the enemy. I know walking up the battlefield without any ranged support aint as bad in fantasy but still wouldn't exactly call it good, so my question is: how bad is the disadvantage chaos have?

    Exalted Champion 131
    Helmet of Many Eyes, Greatsword, Shield, Barded Steed.

    Chaos Sorcerer lvl 2 120

    12 Warriors of Chaos 260
    Banner of Wrath, Musician, 2 points for upgrades

    20 Marauders 165
    Full command, light armour and sheilds.

    5 Knights 165

    5 Warhounds of Chaos 30

    Beast herd 120
    10 Gors w. 2 hand weapons, 10 Ungors w. shields and spears, Standard.

    Total: 1000 points.
    If I'm correct it also gives me: 3 Dispel and 4 (2 general) power dices to use each turn.

    Thanks for any help in optimizing this army list.

    by the way, I know that one of my friends have chosen Vampire Counts as her army - so any tips how to play against them are nice.

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    I like what you have here, but I think you can sqeeze in more by just dropping the supurfulous stuff.

    Your Exalted really doesn't need the Horse. Sure you get the extra attack from it, but the
    7th eddition rules now say that mounted Great Weapons are only +1 st. Keep your guy on foot for the wicked +2 to his Str. Otherwise you "could" give him a flail instead and keep him mounted, but then you'd only get the +2 to Str for the 1st round of combat.

    The Banner on the Warriors really isn't needed. These guys can go on without it, and that bound power level 4 spell won't be missed. At 1000 pts, you can get away with a Warbanner, at most, or nothing at all.

    Your Beast Heard could use a little prunning too. In all honsty, 8 Gors and the 10 Un-gors is just about substantial enough to do the job for you, though I've seen Heards with as low as 6 Gors. The shields on the ungors may seen nice, they're not. They are a point sink for you since 6+ armor save you're getting for them on your lowly Ungors isn't going to help you any. If these guys are getting shot at by Empire Hand guns, (STR 4 + armor piercing), the shields have been wasted. In close combat, your Ungors are in the back rank anyway, so again the shields do not come into play. It would be nest to lose them.

    Now here are some optionsof what you can fo with the extra points you're getting:

    You could get a Power Familiar for your Sorceror; you could get another 5 Warhounds, or if you're really concerned about enemy artillery, you could get yourself 5-7 furries, but you may have to drop 1 Knight to do that.

    Anyways, the point is, you want to trim your force, including equipment down to the mere basics. Chaos is strong on their own without all the "extras", so take advantage of that when you do up your lists. And if you're taking on VC, YOU WILL NEED magic defense...so the power familiar option maybe your best. Also, you're going to want to charge your Knights into the flank of the Vampire's main unit. You should not have to engage the Vamp directly (you can if you want), but the amount of kills you do and generated combat resolution should be enough to crumble that Vamps unit, Vamp included.

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    I agree with Brother Maynard's suggestions. In addition:

    If you are going to be playing Vampires a lot, you might consider swapping the warriors for 2 chariots. They don't have high strength shooting to destroy chariots to the best of my knowledge. And all the extra kills would be fairly likely to destroy undead. Finally, if you flee combat, they escape fast enough to outrun infantry without much trouble... And are immune to the killing blows that I believe grave guard and the undead heavy cav possess.

    If you end up playing someone who fields many cannons though, the chariots will hurt you. So know your opponents.


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