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    Mortal-beast list 2000 plz help


    Chaos Lord- dragon, MoK, berserker sword - 650

    Exalted champion, MoK axe of khorne, enchanted shield - 172


    14 warriors, MoK, shields, full command -360

    10 warriors, MoK, shields – 195

    5 marauder horsemen, flails -75

    5 marauder horsemen, flails -75

    15 marauders, light armour, shields, full command- 130

    15 marauders, flails, shields, full command- 115


    20 Beast herd Full command, 12 gor, 8 ungor- 151

    20 Beast herd Full command, 12 gor, 8 ungor- 151

    4+2 dispel dice

    Do i need more anti-magic?
    Lords equipment?

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    Nice overall list. Could do with some cheap units of hounds to keep the marked units in check.

    I think dragons are a bit much for games less then 2500 but that's a personal opinion. Besides that a large frenzy flyer is going to be hard to control

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    Khorne dragon lord: hard to control, as sylvester said. Some foes will exploit that and force you into bad charges, terrain, etc. Gunline armies might end your dragon on turn 1.

    If you really want a dragonlord, you need to structure the rest of the list around him. And since your lord is frenzied, you can't avoid combat. he might be tough enough to destroy whatever he faces on his own. If not, it'll take a while for reinforcements to arrive, which could be bad news for him... so you may want to up the cavalry component of your army substantially.

    Also might be nice to give the Lord Gaze of the gods or armour of damnation (something to protect him in challenges). I don't think the berserker sword helps him in challenges anyway, and he should have plenty of attacks for other occasions with the dragon.

    Exhalted champion: good.

    warriors: MoK is expensive to pay for twice for units. I think you should make 1 unit of 20 with shields, full command, and banner of rage. You'll free up some points and have a stronger unit anyway (numbers to take casualties and still have static CR).

    Horsemen want a musician, they are meant to flee and rally a lot. And your general is likely to be flitting around out of range, so they'll need the extra help rallying.

    Check your points on your marauders. These units are on the smallish side also, I think marauders should be fielded in blocks of 20-25.

    Beast herds want the numbers reversed, 6-7 gors and about 12 ungors. Cheaper, and you might get some spear attacks that way.

    Hope it helps,

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