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    2200 fast undivided army

    I am totaly new to chaos. Although I have several years of experience with playing dwarfs. But I want something totaly different. After loads of reading I came to the conclusion I want to try out a horde of chaos army.

    The following army is my goal in the end. But before I got buying anything I want to hear from more experienced players if the list is any good at all.
    So here it goes

    Excalted champion on steed, Bane shield
    Excalted champion on steed,shield ,Scimitar of SKultar
    Aspiring champion on steed, BSB, Banner of the Gods
    Socerer on steed, lvl1, 2 scrolls
    4x 4 knights without any upgrades
    4x chariots
    2x 6 marauder horsemen with flails
    2x 6 warhounds
    2x 3 minotaurus with xhw

    The idea is to get the knights in the flank to take away the rankbonus. Then 1 or 2 chariots in the front.
    The hounds and the horseman are there to screen, claim tablequaters or attack warmachines.

    Is this any good or should I go back to the drawingboard?

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    I think it is a pretty reasonable army, although a bit character-heavy. Here's the changes I'd make.

    Consider whether you really need both exhalteds. You could get another unit of knights for the price of 1 guy. Which will do you more good?

    At least 1 monster unit should get great weapons. lots of S6 attacks are helpful against armor. Minotaurus sounds like a dinosaur!

    Your horsemen should get musicians, that way they have a good chance of rallying after they charge-bait enemy into your range.

    Your warhounds should probably be groups of 5, the extra one doesn't help much that I can see. They are primarily sacrificial anyone, no point making them more expensive.

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