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    2000pt undivided for tourney play

    I've got 2 games coming up on Thursday so i thought i might post the following list for a comp score out of 5 and any comments - i'm looking at taking something similar to a tourney in July (sydney GT).

    Chaos Lord
    w/ Great weapon, MoU, Armour of Damnation, Gaze of the Gods, Helm of many eyes

    Exalted Champ
    w/ Great weapon, MoK, chaos armour

    w/ Lv 2, HW, MoS, Power familiar

    19 Chaos Warriors (lord goes here)
    w/ MoU, HW+SHield, Heavy armour, full command

    19 Chaos Warriors (exalted goes here)
    w/ MoK, HW, Great weapon, Heavy armour, full command

    14 Chaos Warriors (sorcerer goes here)
    w/ MoS, HW+SHield, Heavy armour, full command

    6 Marauder Horsemen
    w/ flails, muso

    10 marauders
    w/ flails

    10 marauders
    w/ flails

    Chariot w/ MoU

    beastherd: 6 gors w/ hw+shield, 8 ungors w/spears, muso

    total points: 1999
    PD: 5
    DD: 6
    Models: 98

    i had a win on sunday against an all combat dwarf army, the main highlight being the khorne warriors airswinging on the charge and then staying in combat for 3 rounds against longbeards.

    i will be going up against skaven (who will outnumber me 3 to 1) and more than likely dark elves.

    any comments appreciated.

    - LoCU

    "Now that question is less stupid, though you asked it in a profoundly stupid manner..."

    Current Armies:
    - Chaos Undivided: way too many points for my small budget
    - Empire: reliving my first army
    - Lizardmen: too many skinks dammit
    - Space Marines: who doesn't like a man in armour? lol

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    Koosh for the KooshLord kooshlord's Avatar
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    99 (x3)

    The only things that leap out at me: When you have the budget, why not replace all the maruaders with marauder horsemen? Also, why not include some furies?

    (I know nothing about comp scores, sorry. )

    Arena of Death Champion: Nexim of the Guldskullz Tribe. Fear my wrath!

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