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    Tzeentch Mortals - 1500pts

    Okay, so it's been a while since I posted here. And it's been even longer since I played any GW games. But I've recently borrowed my friend's 7th edition rulebook and I am thinking about getting together a small army for a bit of fun occasionally. I guessed I'd go with Hordes of Chaos seeing as I have two spare units of Chaos Warriors sitting around just undercoated black.
    So anyway I put together a list and well.. here it is. Feel free to comment.

    As a side note, I'm not sure about the chosen in a 1500pt list. Too expensive perhaps?

    Exalted Champion of Chaos @ 205pts (General)
    - Mark of Tzeentch
    - Spell Familiar
    - Crimson Armour of Dargan

    Aspiring Champion of Chaos @ 225pts (Battle Standard Bearer)
    - Mark of Tzeentch
    - Blasted Standard

    Warriors of Chaos @ 395pts (x15)
    - Additional Hand Weapons
    - Chosen
    - Musician, Standard Bearer, Champion
    - Mark of Tzeentch

    Warriors of Chaos @ 275pts (x15)
    - Shields
    - Musician, Standard Bearer, Champion
    - Mark of Tzeentch

    Marauders of Chaos @ 193pts (x21)
    - Great Weapons
    - Light Armour
    - Musician, Standard Bearer, Chieftain

    Marauder Horsemen @ 126pts (x6)
    - Spears
    - Shields
    - Throwing Axes
    - Musician

    Spawn of Chaos @ 75pts
    - Firewyrm of Tzeentch

    Total Points Cost: 1494pts
    Power Dice: 8
    Dispel Dice: 4

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    I don't really endorse Marked heros of Tzeentch, the lore has unreliable basic spells and has high casting values for the good spells. I wouldn't bother with a marked character of Tzeentch below Lord level.

    Other than that the army is ok. I think you'd be better off including some furies or screamers, replacing a unit of warriors with 2 chariots, and having 2 spawn.

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    Something else to consider,

    If you do end up dropping the unit of warriors to accommodate the chariots then i would consider losing the blasted standard on the BSB.

    If you plan on running him in the chosen unit, you will notice that the unit can carry up to 50 points of magic banner all by themselves.
    Use the BSB to carry a warbanner instead OR alternatively (as he gives +1 to combat res anyway) simply give him a shield and a magic weapon or something instead of the banner.

    With the general, maybe consider making him an aspiring champion instead? The extra 20 points is warranted i'll concede but then by dropping the spawn as well + leftover points from warriors unit, you will be able to field either,
    a) a unit of furies
    b) multiple units of dogs

    It just increases your tactical flexibility and i don't like spawn myself,

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