1500 point Mortals/Beasts Tzeentchian Variety - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    1500 point Mortals/Beasts Tzeentchian Variety

    Greetings All,

    I spend a lot of time lurking around here, but rarely post, maybe that will change! Anyways, here is a list for you cats to rip up, I hope you will oblige.


    Exalted Champ: Mark of Tzeentch, enchanted shield, biting blade

    Sorcerer: level 2, spell familiar, dispel scroll, barded steed


    14 Chaos Warriors: Mark of Tzeentch, War Banner, shields, Full Command
    Note: Exalted Champion will hang out here.

    5 Chaos Knights: Mark of Tzeentch, Banner of Wrath, Full Command

    23 Marauders: Hand Weapons, shields, Full Command
    Note: Sorcerer is here


    8 Chaos Furies: claws, wings and pointy teeth

    20 Beast Herd: Standard, Musician, hand weapons and shields

    The current army gives me 8 power dice (if I know my rules correctly 4 are shareable) and 4 Dispel dice. The Sorcerer will use fire magic (it would be great if he decides to bring The Flaming Sword of Rhuin along to add some punch to the marauders). The Champ will of course use Lore of Tzeentch, hopefully the beaked fellow will keep the d6s on the low end.

    I have about 130 points left. A few of my thoughts were a chariot, bolstering some units and grabbing a second dispel scroll, a couple of marauder meatshields, or some warhounds; but I'll allow the infinite wisdom of the more experienced Chaos generals to show me the way.

    The only thing I'm particularly worried about is cavalry. I'm used to playing as our stunty friends so the lack of great weapons and guns frightens me, but alas I must adapt and overcome. =)

    Thanks, and have a great evening all.


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    Overall, looks good. A little bit of Tzeentch Lore, a little bit of other lores, good diversity. I don't know if the normal warriors are going to do much, but the war banner will help make up for their lack of static CR. I'd be tempted to replace the warriors with more knights though.

    You could drop the marauders entirely, IMO. They could be replaced with a couple of chariots, or some marauder horsemen, who help by charge-baiting/ march-blocking/keeping the enemy away from your lines for a little bit while you magic them apart and set up favorable combats.

    You could replace the sorcerer with a bray-shaman to give you access to bear's anger in the beast-herd.

    Warhounds are useful to force your enemy to deploy real units first, letting you counter more effectively. They can also charge-bait enemy, hopefully into range of your slower units!

    Hope some of that helps!
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