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    khornate 2k army

    Alright, starting a new army, decided to make it a Khornate Chaos army, just love these guys. Here is my 2k list, feel free to make any remarks or suggestions:

    Lord: Mark, Jugg, Runesword, armor of damnation, shield

    Ex Champ: Mark, Axe of Khorne, Enchanted shield, talisman o protection

    2 units of 12 warriors:command, add hand weap, mark

    5 Knights: chosen, mark, command

    5 flesh hounds

    24 gors&16 ungors

    10 furies


    The beast herd is to ensure all of my hard hitting troops survive, same with the furies. Already used hellcannon in some smaller 1k battles, love it. Comment freely.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadowblademafia View Post
    Already used hellcannon in some smaller 1k battles, love it. Comment freely.
    Not legally you haven't, unless you're using the Archaon's horde rules in those 1K battles. Hellcannon is 2 rare choices if you are fielding a normal mortal army (i.e. can include daemons and beasts). I like to give my hellcannon a dispel scroll equivalent, just to mess with people!

    The Exhalted champion might as well be mounted if he isn't already. Better armor, can keep up with cav, etc.

    10 furies? 24 gors! WOW expensive. I'd trim down to about 5-6 furies, and my beast herds are usually 2-1 ungors-gors. Saves a lot of points with very little reduction in melee capacity (actually increases melee capacity with the spear attacks until you start losing front rank gors).

    I'd also suggest some marauder horsemen, to chargebait things into your khorne warriors. And some hounds, to be sacrificial in useful ways (charge-baiting, screening, redirecting the enemy, etc).

    Hope it helps!
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