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    32 flails. help!!!

    I have 32 maruaders with flails. How shold i split them up? 2 units of 10 and one unit of 12? Can i give some of the dudes swords and shields and just have the front rank have flails, or do they all have to have flails if any do? does the command count as having flails? I just need some help here people.:sleep: Do I even need a command in these units?

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    Well, how you split them up is up to your preferences, though I'd either go for two units of 15 (for nice +2 rank bonus whilst the units might be underestimated by the enemy) or a unit of 10 or 12 and a block of 20.

    Can i give some of the dudes swords and shields and just have the front rank have flails, or do they all have to have flails if any do?
    Model-wise yes, rules-wise no. Well, you can equip all of them with flails and shields and before close combat you can decide whether to go with handweapon&shield or with flails (note that they're stuck with whatever you chose for the duration of the combat, BRB p.54)

    does the command count as having flails?
    Yep. BRB, p.80: Standard, Musician and Champion always count as having the same weapons as the unit (unless stated otherwise, some unit champions can get different stuff)

    And as for if a command group is needed, well that depends on size and wheter or not a hero/lord character is supposed to join the unit (so you can handle challenges with some variations)
    But as a rule of thumb, the small support units (or charge baits) seldom need command groups (in worst case you give the enemy extra VP for captured standards) whereas the larger blocks (15+) which are supposed to bring passive CR should better be equipped at least with musician and standard (especially don't try to save a few points by skipping the musician! A bonus on rally tests and a bonus on CR if otherwise tied is just too valuable to forget :ninja: )
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