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    Mortal Chaos Tactica

    Hello, and welcome to another of my tacticas. First of thing I should mention is that im not running a spell checker right now, how ever I will try to keep my spelling good.So the hordes of chaos, the damned among other things. This is a somewhat beginers guide to mortal choas but I'm sure every one can pick something up from it.

    I'v been playing chaos a good while now and played more than enough games to know the ins and outs of my army, and il start by telling you there are a good few outs (I think those are the bad ones) but there are just as maney ins.First let me explain the units that I like to use most oftain. I like all the models in chaos armour and my lovlely rare slots. I also will use an exalted deamon and occasionaly some ogres, and finaly some screeners like mauraders and hounds.

    As for a god, I go either Tzeench or Khorne. So let me get startedd with some basic tactics.

    The block
    This is a recent tactic I came up with, and has worked very well. Basicaly you put all your eggs in one basket, by that I mean take a big unit like realy big, I take 30 chosen chaos warriors, then throw a couple heros in. Sounds extreamly noobish, however against the right opponent it is all but imposible to beat.

    In a recent game at my local store my opponent (playing orcs) threw every thing he had into them, and i mean everything, he threw magic (including mork 'il fix it) bolt throwers, Big 'uns, black orcs both of which with a compliment of heros, AND he got some flank charges. Heres the kicker he killed a grand total of 4! The real key to this tactic is making sure your regiment makes it into combat with decent numbers. This is harder sayed than done, but the great part of having big flanks is that you still get a good amount of attacks, so combat is combat.

    DONT TAKE THAT IDEA TOO FAR, by that i mean you can survive a small regiment or fast cav, but a big regiment of ogre Ironguts will still stomp you. This kind of list is only do-able at 1500 pts or more. As well as that big regment you want some support. You will also want some range support, and because guns are for 'umies we use magic.

    Before you deside what support regiments you want you need to pick a god. I personaly chose tzeench for the job. The rational is ...-Tzeench gives you some raged attacks to kill regiments or beasts you aftraid of. (God knows what) Or weaken regiments that might slow you down or such.-Tzeench allows you the yellow fire spell and the blasted standard that contains yellow fire. This spell gives you a 5+ ward save making the regiment realy tough.-And finaly It gives you the controll a khornate regiment wouldnt.

    Another idea would be Nurgle but I just plain dont like them, but causeing fear and almost always outnumbering would be good.As for the rest of your army, you want regiments that support your big unit. I like dogs of war dualists for that role, depoly them on your flanks or send them after artilery that might hurt you. Heros are the next choise, I personaly took a chaos lord and an exalted Champion both of tzeench, the rational is the same as for the regiment.

    Weapons wise I chose the staff of change to improve my casting on the lord, as well as a spell familiar to ensure you get your good spells. As for the exalted champion, I kit him for combat with a berzerker sword and shield.The other unit I took was a unit of knights, just cause they are so awsome. But for the same of logic I take them so that I have a somewhat cheap secondary punch unit dedicated to tzeench and with the banner of wrath for extra punch. Mauraders are there for the sake of taking them and because you need a third core.

    Pros-unstopable assault unit-good magic offence-Durable to combat
    Cons-Vulnerable to Armour penetrating weapons-Weak shooting (as with all chaos)-Easily outnumbered Deployment.

    Given that you only have a few units not a hard task yet I should go over it.You deploy your big regiment front and center, a unit this powerfull should be exposed to as much fighting as possible. The knights and mauraders should be deployed on either side, this prevents flank charges for a while and gets them into combat all the same. If you chose to take them Throw your skirmishers near the table sides to hunt warmachines or anything else your worred about. Your characters both jump into your big regiment, and blast away.To be continued probably tommorow...

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    Possibly write this out in a word processor then copy it into your browser, that way you can check your spelling.

    I'd be wary of large warrior units against armies with template weapons. Stone throwers, mortars and helstorm batteries (*shudders*) could cause horrific amounts of damage. Large units of knights at least have speed on their side - warriors can be taking until turn 3 to get into combat.

    Having an army and not owning a rulebook is like owning a car with no steering wheel.

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    <3 rork. He does all the arguing so I don't have to.

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