I'm returning to WHFB after a few years (and editions of the rules) out of the loop.
What I'm after is any opinions for an army I could put together from what I have to play a couple of friendly games to get back into the swing of things, call it 2000 points if that's possible. I have the following:

10 Chaos Knights, full command.
14 Chaos Warriors with 2 Hand weapons and shields.
20 Chaos Warriors with Halberds and shields.
16 Chaos Warriors with Halberds and shields.
9 Ogres with 2 Hand weapons, full command.
1 Chariot.

Lord/Champion on a disk.
Sorcerer on Steed.
Champion on steed.
Numerous Champions on foot.

I have some hounds and marauders but the units need expanding prior to play.
Last time I played the game it was won and lost in the winds of magic, so my playstyle revolved around a big-ass sorcerer. I know this is not possible from flicking through the rules.

Any suggestions will be gratefully recieved, not only on what can be done with the models in hand but in what to buy. Furies and Screamers are upcoming purchases.