Hi everyone - i just found out (to my dismay) that I cannot use Galrauch in my 3000 pt Slaanesh mortal army because he is a Tzeench character Well, i must say that kind of puts a wrench in my planned army list - you see, I am playing my friend's uber cheeze lizard army this Sunday and I was expecting to use a wee bit of cheese myself in the form of Galrauch - now it seems this will not be possible.

What are some alternatives I can use?

These are my options:

1) chaos lords / exalteds (i already have 1 lord on boobworm) - i have mounteds with lance, ASB mounted, foot with axe.

2) more wizards - i already have 2 wizards (1 second level mounted MOS and 1 first level MOU) - I know if i am to have any hope at all of defeating his army (hello 2nd gen Slaan Mage ;?) I will need some serious magic - and dispel dice. I could take a 4th lev sorc tooled out with something nice or a bunch of 2nd level ones (alas I have no brayshaman models) What would you recommend?

3) I have furies, furies and more furies - currently not in my armylist since I wanted some hard hitters.

4) Spawn 1x

5) chaos dragon (old classic rance one)

5) I guess I could scratchbuild a chaos giant if i had to.

Please give me some advice about how to fight this guy - also a stegadon, kroxigors, 2 slamanders, carnosaur (not sure about these others but the Slaan Mage, Skink priest and steg will definitely make appearances). I would appreciate your help since I have never fought a battle this big.

If it would help you to look at my list, you can see it in the HOC army lists on this forum - it was posted yesterday and the thread name is "3000 point Slaanesh Mortal (friendly) Help!"

Thanks again.

~Sybaris Slaay