I'm playing orcs for the first time, and I'm wonder what to take against him.
I use chaos mortals but I also have 1300 points or so of daemons and access to alot of beasts of chaos models.
I already know what he's going to field...
Grimgore w/ a unit of black orcs
2 orc level 2 shamen as caddys + casters
maybe 1 or 2 orc boss with some items
1 - 2 units of 20 orc boys
20 savage orcs
10 spider riders
5 boar boys
5 savage boar boys
1 orc chariot
2 spear chukkas
1 doom diver
and maybe a giant but its doubtful

I usually take a kitted out lord on steed (run him with knights)
2 level 2's (run with marauders)
3 units of 20 marauders
3 units of 6 knights
6 furies
5 screamers
5-10 warhounds
5-10 fleshhounds
10 mounted daemonettes

Do you think i should change my list? what else should i add or take out?