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    Best way to spend £100 on this Hordes of Chaos army.

    Exactly what it says on the tin. I'm after opinions on what anyone else would get with £100 to add to the following models I have for my Tzeentch army:

    1 Chaos lord on Dragon
    2 Hero on foot
    2 Hero on Chaos Steed
    1 Hero on Disk of Tzeentch

    15 Chaos Warriors with 2 Hand weapons
    16 Chaos Warriors with Halberds
    20 Chaos Warriors with Halberds
    10 Chaos Knights
    1 Chariot

    18 Marauders with Hand Weapon and Shield
    5 Marauder Horsemen
    4 Chaos hounds

    6 Horrors(Old Stylee)
    9 Ogres

    So, to start the ball rolling my first thoughts are as follows:
    3 packs of chaos Hounds - £21
    3 packs of Dark Elf Harpies - £21
    Box of 2 Spawn - £15
    Box of Marauders - £18
    3 Screamers - £18

    This leaves £7 but I'm not fussed. Either more Harpies or Hounds depending on whimsy.

    What would you buy?

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    Those are some fairly varied options. It isn't easy to look at a list of models and tell you what else to buy - might be a bit easier if you were to set down an actual list or give us a rundown of your playstyle. Either of these might help people get a better grasp of how you could round off your collection.

    That said, the new spawn are gorgeous. If I had to go based on pure coolness, I would say Spawn.

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    I like the spawns also. Neat units.

    I'm a sucker for Chaos mortals, so I'd say you need more Marauders (both foot and horsemen). Tzeentch's screamers are also quite a neat tactical option in place of furies in terms of taking out warmachines and harassing ranged units. You might want to compare the harpies to furies and screamers and decide which of those would best suit your harassment needs though. If you will use them (and why not?) more hounds can't hurt.

    I would say that you seem to have a lot of warriors and perhaps fleshing out special/rare and the fodder parts of your army would help give you a more versatile list. So on the whole, I'd agree with your first thoughts. Also, if you like doing different things, then beast herds look to be excellent units to add in to cover for advancing lines, and even to harass the enemy and attack weak spots.
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